Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Party!!

This past Saturday evening was the annual Christmas party at the barn where I board the girls.   The party is traditionally held in the barn managers apartment which is inside the barn.  This year was no exception.  

The heat was turned on in the barn, and all the lights were on making it very inviting to come in out of the cold rain.  Especially as every horse was snug in their stalls munching hay and nickering softly.

I took Logan with me and I turned him loose with the camera.  I didn't direct him so these are the best that came out.  Not bad for a 12 year old.

Us Party Animals had lots of great food too.  There was a variety of hot foods including Turkey, scalloped potatoes, enchilada soup, baked squash and lots of other stuff.

Then there is the dessert table, my personal favorite.  I brought Fudge which was weight watchers friendly (if you want recipe let me know).

We played fun games.  This was a word game where you had to write on slips of paper the following:
Favorite Game
Favorite color
Body Part
Your name
Friends Name
Any name

The slips of paper were put into the bags and drawn out as you read a story inserting what you pulled into the blanks.   Santa's helper brought her two Bull Dogs, Dozer and Ziggy.  They were very helpful when it came to drawing from the bags.

The game went something like this:

My horses name is Sally. She is Red.  We saddled up and headed to Utopia.  While were in the woods Sally spooked and jumped over a Bike.  I slipped from the saddle and fell on my Belly Button.  Lucky for me George came along and suggested we go back to the barn and play Spin The Bottle instead.

Then it was time for the White Elephant gift exchange.

Here is a blurry (sorry) one of Santa's helper

And the gift I started with...

I ended up with $10 worth of Lottery Scratch offs and won $7.00 from them.


  1. Looks like a great party. Don't you love being in the barn when the horses are all snug inside eating their hay? What a good environment for a party.
    I don't know how I missed your last posts (I have you on my reader), but I did. Hank looked just amazing at the show. Congratulations on such a great feat and good luck with your future canine plans.

  2. Looks like you had a grand time at the barn party. Lots of good food and good friends, fun!!!

  3. I went to a gift exchange at a Bunco game and ended up with the same exact gift that you started with! What a coincidence!

  4. Those White Elephant Gift Exchanges can be lots of fun and a little bit crazy. My homeschooling circle had a luncheon party yesterday and we did an exchange. It was fun (and a little naughty) to start out taking someone else's gift. hehe!

    I'm glad you had a great time.



Happy Trails!