Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We All Have One

You guessed it!  Family!!

Intense concentration for White Elephant exchange

   This past Saturday was the famous Clark Family Christmas.  This is a annual festive celebration has evolved over the years, and still NO ONE MISSES IT!  We come from all across the United States.  My cousin Andrea comes from California !!!

Our White Elephant Exchange can be very cut throat!

I stopped going for at least 10 years after my father passed away.  I needed to work through some things and become my own person and to do this I had felt the need to drop out their lives.  Then suddenly I, with my little family, showed up fairly un-announced to the party two years ago and surprised everyone. 

This year the party was held at a banquet room in a local Church as our family has grown so large.  Everyone brings a dish to pass, and Gramma supplies the ham.  The food is outstanding!

Potato Salad, Sweet Potatoes, Mac 'n Cheese, Scalloped Potatoes, 7 layer salad, swedish meatballs, ham... 

Just ask my son Brady!!!
That's Gramma Clark to the left of Brady
 We caught up with each other... 
Aunt Cindy and my cousin Maurine
Made plans for summer trips to visit... 

My step brother Dan and his wife Patty
 Watched people open their gifts...

Aunt Sue and her daughter Ali

My son Logan is excited because Santa is coming... 
Which means kids gifts are coming soon!!!!


This was the quietest time !!!

When the party was over we toured the town the party was held, Frankenmuth, Michigan.  I tried to get pictures of the wonderful lighted display on the river.  My camera is rather sucky in the dark though.  This is the best I could get:

 Then Sunday was dinner with my mom's husband Bruce and my Gram's.  She made ham and all the fixings too, but because it's just my little family and them we were able to sit around the table and eat together.  There is SO MUCH SNOW in the Thumb of Michigan.  This is the road to Gram's house..

They had 18 inches fall in a day, then wind followed.  The drifts are very impressive!

I believe I made Bruce tear up when he opened his.  It's a picture from the Eukanuba dog show of Hank and Mom.  He hugged me hard and said thank you so many times...
Bruce with a picture of Hank and Mom at Eukanuba


  1. I don't know very many families that make such an effort to be together. Pretty sweet.

  2. A lovely gift for Bruce , what a wonderful time with family

  3. What a wonderful looking family celebration....So happy for you. Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Wonderful photos all. The last one is very sweet. And the ones of your sons are my favorite. Such handsome boys!

    I had to grin at the photo of the tidy plate with the individual compartments with the small servings tucked within. My hubby would have just completely covered the entire plate with shovel-fulls of food. He loves to try everything at potluck meals. lol!

    You're so blessed to have such a huge family that enjoys getting together every year.
    That's not the way it is for me. We have no extended family at all.
    Both hubby and I are only children. All our grandparents are gone. His parents are both deceased and I only have my Dad, who lives in NC.
    Needless to say we don't have big family get-togethers. It's just me, my hubby and our 3 kidlets. Sounds kind of lonely, but we enjoy our quiet holidays spent together, though.


  5. Lori ~ We make a point to get together twice a year. Summer pool party to celebrate everyone's birthdays, and Christmas. Christmas is always bigger it seems.

    Fern and Regina ~ Thank you =)

    Lisa ~ HAHAHA that "neat plate" is mine. I can't eat nearly as much as I used to so I do small amounts of EVERYTHING. My mom's family is very small at this point, at least those of us who get together. When my grams is gone I'm sure that will be the end of those gatherings.

    Christmas Day is reserved for my husband, my children and myself. No one else, and no traveling. I like it that way too.

  6. Wow...what a party! Looks like you had fun. I can see why you had to take it to a hall!
    ...such a thoughtful gift for Bruce...

  7. What an amazingly great family party. SOunds wonderful.
    Jeni I've really enjoyed finding and reading your blog this year, and I look forward to your insightful comments on mine. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family. Merry Christmas!

  8. Kelly ~ It is some party. My Aunts plan it and organize, even work through Santa crisis' !

    Carol ~ Thank you ! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.


Happy Trails!