Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!

Where most of the country is getting snow from the "Snowpocolips"
My area is socked in with a major Ice Storm.

The Little House In the City is nestled into a Nature Preserve.  The scrub and trees come right up to my fence in the back yard.

Bird Bath

 Taken at 10:00 PM.
First two are of the Lilac bush.. 

These two are of my Tulip Tree...

Notice the buds under all that ice...

And the powerline to our house...

.... and the rain is still falling


  1. Be careful out there! gonna be slippery in the morning

  2. ooohhhh what cold looking photos. Stay warm and safe with all that ice around

  3. Stay safe - ice can be scary!

  4. The photos are beautiful - I love the buds under the ice - a promise of spring. I hope you don't have to drive anywhere though!

  5. Brrrr - your pictures translate feelings well!
    I love the bird bath.

    Stay warm!

  6. The photos are gorgeous, but ice storms can be so dangerous. Stay warm and safe.


  7. We got hit with snow -- I feel for you having to deal with ICE! That is much worse! I hope your power lines hold up!!!
    P.S. The photos are beautiful, though!!

  8. I think it's so pretty when everything gets coated with ice, however driving/walking in it isn't fun at all. Safe travels.

  9. ...you're so lucky you back up to a nature preserve!! The ice photos are gorgeous--dangerous, but gorgeous!


Happy Trails!