Friday, March 25, 2011

Any One Know What I Am?

First things first..  A very heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to read my previous post and comment with such kind words.  I truly appreciate everyone of you.

Picture quality is not very good as they were zoomed as much as my point and shoot goes, and taken from an almost stopped vehicle on the side of the road.

Anyone know what these very cool critters are?

If you click the images they do "super size"

Big Critter

At first I thought "shaved Llama" until I saw it with horses (not pictured) and it was MUCH taller.  Also I don't believe Llama's have humps??!?

Here is the "Big Critter" with it's "Small Critter" buddy... Not even real sure what the small critter is either.

Big Critter with Little Critter

 Now these two critters I recognize...
Little Man and Nibbles the House Bunny


  1. A camel and an alpaca? That's my best guess!

  2. I do believe that's a camel! Hard to tell about the other, but Now That's A Trot's idea of an Alpaca works for me.

  3. Looks like a camel? got a game farm or zoo nearby?

  4. Awww! I love Nibbles! And it's great to see your Little Man, who's not all that little anymore. (sniff)

    That's a Dromedary Camel and an alpaca.

    Are they near your barn?


  5. If it's not a camel, then that dude is packin'. Lol

  6. So I believe we've all agreed it's a Camel, and I wasn't crazy as Jim was speeding down a country road some place in Indiana and I screamed "STOP TURN AROUND!!! I think I SAW A CAMEL !!!" This was in a field on a private farm, with a few of those alpaca's and some POA ponies. Very Strange to see something like that in this area.

    @Lisa He'll always be my "Little Man". He's my youngest, and my last, and he is now as tall as his momma! Nibbles was his reward for A Honor Roll first quarter.

  7. Is it a baby camel? It's adorable. And so is its fluffy fannied companion. And the bunny is super cute too. All cute critters, including your son.

  8. I'd have to go with camel and alpaca like Lisa said. She knows her animals! Wonder if the camel will get much bigger. Neat pictures.

  9. i think one of them is a camel for sure....

  10. It looks like a camel to me...and an alpaca. What the heck is a camel doing where you live?

  11. Good question Lori. This one was a farm with normal farm animals. No other exotics. Very strange.


Happy Trails!