Monday, March 28, 2011

New Stuff and Where Is Spring?

Gift From My Husband
He had the wheels de-rusted and bought four new tires for the horse trailer.

I had hoped to ride Bonnie but the ground was still entirely to wet with standing water or shoe sucking mud every where.

Even with a good grooming I can't get all the mud off them... 

Bonnie and my Man

Miss Rosie is still a wooly mammoth... just now a shedding one.  I can't wait until warm weather so they can get much needed baths.

Mud Queen!!
As you can see we have lots of green now, thanks to lots of rain.  Horses are on limited turn out to prevent laminitis.  Which is why Rosie and Bonnie are in a dry mud lot. 


  1. Way to go hubby. You can send some of that rain our way. We haven't had any rain in New Mexico in a long time.


  2. Spring is slowly making her rounds.I think we will be last , but it will get here

  3. What a thoughtful, and useful, gift! We are living with mud too, dryer days are coming.

  4. My golly gosh your gorgeous pair have certainly got loads of winter hair to shed. As mine are all getting longer fluffy hair by the day we are aware of natures way of telling us winter is but round the corner. A few good scrubs under the hose will have your two looking sleek and shiny in no time ....with long hot summer rides ahead. hope the mud dries up soon

  5. WOW, great tires..or is the NEW TRAILER itself??
    Thinking it is the tires and reworking of the wheels...since you did not show the trailer.
    What an awesome guy..I've one too..though completely NOT mechanical, but toally thoughtful~

    Yea...I wen to the stable yesterday to see the mare and to change her blanket from heavy to rain...I took a photo shoot with my cell's proove it is a blue blanket,not a brown one. No- doubt, it will be mixed shades of both, next time I go out!

    Hang is getting to be riding time soon, have to go through thses preliminary stages of hair mud andf grime before we pull out the fly sprays!

  6. Oh wow! To see green makes my heart go a flutter. lol! We've not had any rain since last August here in NM so we'll not be having any of that kind of green here sadly.
    But then again we have no mud either. :)

    Yay for a thoughtful hubby!

    My hubby helped me trailer Apache to the vet today. He really enjoys doing stuff like that for me.


  7. Now that the trailer is ready to go and the grass is greening you'll be out there very soon.

    We've got the whole mud mucky thing going here too. Sometimes I look at them and just want to turn around and go back inside. They can really cake it into that long shedding hair can't they. I guess it's a certain talent...

  8. The trailer and the grass are both beautiful! You can keep the mud, thanks :)

  9. I'm with Lisa, very little rain and almost no snow this winter... so our green is very little and very late. But.... it's snowing right now! Maybe that will help!

    Love the de-rusted wheels!


Happy Trails!