Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sometimes You NEED that Hole In Your Head

 I had NO intentions... 

I really don't need another one... 

I have four of them already, and can only use two at a time.

But we have our excuses for

Mine... well my butt shrank !! 

What better excuse, in my mind, to buy a fifth...

It's a 16 inch seat, Western Saddlery Roper with full QH bars.

It is GORGEOUS and I can't wait until end of April to put it on Bonnie !!!

Until then I am going to clean and oil it, give it a name.  
              New excuse to tack shop has been achieved as well.  All my western tack is light oil, this beauty is dark oil.  

1. Dark oil chest strap
2.  and rear cinch.  
Ohhh 3. Dark Oil Western Headstalls !!
4.  Western saddle cover.

I know my husband is cringing as he reads that list, kinda like he did when I broke the news that I had bought that sweet beauty sitting on my yoga ball right now.  

No worries dear, I'll sell some stuff to fund buying new stuff !


  1. Nice. You can never have too much tack. It all goes so well with the holes in our heads.


  2. CONGRATS! A shrinking butt is the best possible reason to have to buy a new saddle!

  3. It's beautiful. Hopefully now your stops won't be such 'sliding stops' as you put it the other day!

  4. I can't think of a better reason to buy a new saddle either. And can make you bum shrink even further if you ride in the saddle while it sits on your yoga ball. lol!


  5. I say one can never have enough saddles!!! I'm up to 4!
    It looks beautiful!

  6. I agree - it IS gorgeous! And now you have so many other shopping opportunities :)
    I can't imagine fitting into a 16 in. saddle. You're tiny!

  7. At least the yoga ball is being used. ;)

    (yes, I said that, and you can't slap me because I'm in Cincinnati and you're somewhere between St. Louis and Tulsa) ;)

    I know dreams are expensive, but we all need to live our dreams. As long as everything gets paid on time, I'm good with it. :)

    Love you much - be safe on the road please...


Happy Trails!