Thursday, April 7, 2011

Packing My Bags

And heading outa town...

Going to Tulsa, OK for the Collie Club of America National Speciality Show that starts on Monday and ends on Saturday!

I will be gone 10 days.  10 days away from my husband, kids, and work.  I've never taken this much time away, EVER!

Lorie and I are taking Izzy, Hank, and Ivy.  I am borrowing Hank and Ivy's sister Lianna, who is also a champion.  We are entering the three pups and Izzy in a class called Brood Bitch.  Where the mom, Izzy, is judged based on her "get".

We are also showing each one if Best of Variety, hoping to make it to best of show =)

Lorie's niece has been handling Ivy and Hank in Jr. Handlers is ranked #11 in the nation of Jr's is going.  She's very excited!

They do offer live streaming of the show but it's not free =( here.  I'm pretty sure I don't show until Friday and Saturday.

 I'm hoping that when I come home spring will be here.

Ya'll have a wonderful week!


  1. Look at you go girl! Your mom would be sooo proud. It's hard to be away from family, but they'll be okay. Enjoy the show, and good luck!

  2. Travel safely and have a wonderful time. Can't wait to read all about it !

  3. Ooh! So exciting! I hope the dogs 'clean-up' in those classes. Woohooo!


  4. Good luck at your specialty show! Take lots of pictures please.

  5. I have a sharp object hidden on me at all times, just in case the boys decide to tie me up and try to hold me hostage - I'll be able to cut the rope. :P

    Safe travels love...

  6. SO GREAT 4 YOU!!! Fabulous to be away from everybody and everything to do something that is YOURS!!!! Wishing you a geat time and a safe trip!!


Happy Trails!