Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Collie Club of America National Specialty - Day 1

Saturday we started our two day trip from Michigan.  "Michigan?"you ask.  Yes, Michigan.  My friend "N" and Lorie who co-owns Hank and Ivy live in southern Michigan.  Jim drove me up to them and I rode with N.  Lorie's niece, "K",  was invited as she is in the 20 of Jr handlers in the Nation. She is actually ranked at 11.

During the drive we passed the familiar arch in St. Louis, a not so familiar water tower that announced that we were in "A Town Called Normal".  A billboard telling us we shouldn't miss the  "Kum and Go" (no way I could make that one up) had us giggling.

We finally made it to Tulsa, Oklahoma Sunday evening and worked well past midnight getting our area setup.  In all there are 6 of us.  Lorie, N, K and myself have 7 dogs with us, and our friends who we joined up with has 7 as well.

Today was spent bathing, grooming and grocery shopping.  Tomorrow N competes in Obedience and Agility trials.

I believe I compete on Thursday.


  1. I hope you'll get some pictures of the agility trials. I love to see dogs do that.


  2. Lots of traveling. Love the Kum and Go sign. Good luck with the show.


Happy Trails!