Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Parting Clouds

Late winter, early spring in southern Ohio is typically a lot of rain.  This year has been incredible, day after day of the wet stuff falling.  Which resulted in the City of Cincinnati to install some of the flood gates as the Ohio river was spreading beyond her banks.

Installed flood gate on Mehring Way, Cincinnati, Ohio

We crossed the Ohio river into the Newport, Kentucky so we could get closer to the river. 
Newport South Bank Bridge, Newport, Kentucky

On Saturday Jim and I went for drive west along the river, well as much as we could.  These next few pictures are from Aurora, and Rising Sun, Indiana 
Corner of Water and First Streets, Aurora, Indiana
Water Street, Aurora, Indiana
These ducks are sitting on the guard rail that separates the Ohio River bank from  the street..
Aurora, Indiana
 True "Water Front Property" ...
Sand bagged businesses
Looking across the river... 

Rising Sun, Indiana - opposite bank is Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

We went to this really cool place called Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.  It's on the opposite side of the Ohio river from Rising Sun, Indiana.  

There are normally three ways into and out of this little place.  Here's one... 
Rabbit Hash, Kentucy

Here is another....  
Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

And the third required yet another detour to get home... 

Hopefully things are drying out for everyone !


  1. Great pictures. I have stood at every place you show. In fact, years ago when our kids were Boy Scouts and we camped one time at Rabbit Hash. That was the early 1980's and the only buildings in Rabbit Hash was a general store and some houses.

    I vividly remember those rainy Springs and that's one reason we moved to New Mexico.


  2. Holy Moley! Water Street indeed!

    We haven't had any rain at all since last August. We're so dry that I am worrying about this summer's fire season.


  3. Oh wow that is some serious rain to cause that sort of flooding. I hope your house isn't any where too near the rising water!

  4. @Dan ~ That's all that is in Rabbit Hash today. Oh and lots and lots of bikers!

    @Sally ~ Nope I live on one of the highest hills in Cincinnati. I'm only 7 road miles from the river, but I'm high enough I look down into the city lights at night.

    @Lisa ~ Wish I could share some of this wet with you!

  5. That's intense. I'll be some of the new outlets would be interested in your pictures.

  6. Hahaha that's totally crazy! It's been so wet in Reno that we have puddles. And the drainage ditches have water in them! I had kinda forgotten just how big rivers can flood :)

  7. Love your pictures. We have had some serious rain, snow melt and flooding up north in Cleveland, too. The power of water is incredible.

  8. Wow, that is incredible. Hope the water recedes soon. It is so weird for me to see cities with my name, when I was growing up the only other Aurora thing (besides family) was toilet paper - of which I was frequently reminded lol.

  9. Amazing pictures. Sure hope it dries up soon. I guess it's safe to assume you aren't getting any riding in :)

  10. Heavens!!! You certainly HAVE had a lot of rain down there!

  11. yea! my sister lives in Paducah not far from downtown. she said the flood walls are closed and the water is way up. kind of makes you think twice about some things, especially when she lives in a big earthquake zone fault line area...
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  12. From reading the comments it seems that water is at the extremes; either you have too much or too little. Your pictures are awesome. What a mess that water is going to leave behind - yuck!


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