Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dangling Carrot

I recently stated on Facebook that I felt like the cartoon horse who's rider had a carrot dangling just in-front of my nose so that I'd keep moving forward....


I assume this is what it's like for everyone, going after that one hearts desire.  I'm not particularly good at this part.

In recent conversations with the current facility owner the words "Yes, I'll do Land Contract"  which came with a "I need X dollars as a down payment" where stated.  We expected the down payment, but were praying it was an amount we already had.

It was not.  BUT it's NOT that far off.  He'd like $50,000 down.  We have $20,000... So you see my carrot out there...


Ariel View Summer 2010 - partial (there is more land)

Honestly have no idea which direction to go at this point.  Anyone have an ideas?


  1. I wish I had a great idea for you, but I don't. I wish I did. I love the picture and it looks like a great facility. Where is it located?


  2. I have no idea, is the a way you could take a partial mortgage?

  3. Well, if he doesn't get another offer, your $20,000 may be plenty. I mean, who has $50,000 these days?

  4. I also did a land contract for my property. We effectively deferred some of the down payment into a balloon payment at five years. My situation is different as I'm planning to build and can factor in a construction loan down the road, but maybe you can convince the owner to be non-traditional about the financing package?

    I had my doubts about how my offer would be responded to - but it all worked out. You never know unless you ask. Best of luck to you!

  5. I'm with Leah.

    $30,000 sounds like a road block, but in this economy, you, as buyer, hold the negotiating cards in your hand. Play them wisely and your dreams will come through ;)


  6. I don't have any experience in this type of thing (despite just buying a house)...
    but, I hope something gives, and that pole breaks and you get your carrot!!

  7. Jeni! that air view- looks so cool!!! Love the dreaming and I'll be praying- is the MOST I can offer!
    Seems like some have mentioned, that with the economy, that land owner may want to look more heartily at something you can come up with...
    Pulling for you from Oregon!!!

    I think it was a destined day of upheaval for mare and all I can come up with. My buttons were pushed and hers too with the oncoming storm..that only she new about!

  8. That's a pretty nice looking carrot that's dangling for you. I don't know how you could work it out but maybe sitting down with the seller and hashing through things might make one of you come up with a solution. Good luck.


Happy Trails!