Monday, March 7, 2011

The Itching Season

My itchy nose and eyes tell it all...

That I got a bit of horsey time tonight.  Nothing earth shattering, just grooming and loving.  The farm sits in a very low area and it's mostly covered in a good 2 to 3 inches of standing water on top of mud so the horses haven't been out much.   She's been trying to do a rotation of 24 x 4, with about 3 horses at a time for that rotation, on her largest field at the top the hill.  So they are at least getting some turn out.  Thankfully!

I'm in a holding pattern on the farm venture.  Waiting on the current owner to make up his mind on what he really wants to do.  It's REALLY annoying to me. I've handed this all over to God and His will I will accept, but doesn't mean I have to like all this waiting!


  1. Yes after the snow comes the dreaded melt, but then the good weather!! I have allergies too, they aren't much fun. Glad you got some horsey time in!

  2. Glad you got to see your horses. They must be doing lots of shedding. Our draft cross gets so wooly, and then sheds so much!
    Is the farm you're considering the one where you board or another one? I sure hope it turns out. Out of the blue I'm starting to plan a horse business too, although I don't have the guts to take on too many boarders :) I hope it works for both of us.

  3. Horsey time is always good.Waiting , not so much. Sending good thoughts .

  4. gosh I hope the water drains away really quickly and things start to dry out a bit.

  5. I'm like a spoiled kid - I don't like waiting! I love that you can hand it over to a higher power and not let it eat at you! I hope it all resolves itself soon. I have been so excited about your plans and would love to see them unfold.

  6. Fingers crossed for you that your dream comes true soon. And Gesundheit on the itchy sneezy nose.

  7. Jeni...yea, my man can tell me the seasons with his nose too...sorry!
    We take Freeze Dried Nettles for the allergies..they have no bad side effects and keep the sinus open.

    Well now...waiting. God will sure let you be the first to know if it's a go.
    Don't like the sounds of "Below" and "LOW". I am such a "Percher" hills and not much below them. It is killing me to be in the valley right now at my barn, but soon can get to the tops of them hills!

    Hang in and know that what happens is for your good and the best...and that may mean no and it may mean YES!

  8. Waiting is always hard. Hang in there.

    Here's to dry, sunny days and Spring!

    You can always move here. It's 65F, dry, sunny with gorgeous blue skies and is supposed to be like that all week.
    I wish we could ride together.



Happy Trails!