Thursday, March 3, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Ch 5 C's Simply Irresistible Izzy

Izzy and I practicing for Collie National Speciality show in mid-April.   I'm doing something wrong but not sure exactly what, however her and I have come a long way in a couple short weeks.


  1. You can't prove it by me if you're doing something wrong. Looks good, but I know nothing about showing dogs.


  2. It looks really good! And it looks so much warmer there than here :)

  3. Nice free stack, and nice getting her to use her neck. I think the only "fault" I had was you need to move her a little quicker, or try to really make it exciting to get her more willing to move. But she looks great


  4. Looks good to me, I am sure whatever you are missing will come in time

  5. Hi Meags! welcome to my blog =) The movement is what bothers me too. I've been trying everything, next time out I'm taking squeak toys and steak! The other thing I see is I'm not stopping far enough ahead of her. Not sure how to fix that one.

    @ Carol, Fernvally01, and Dan, thank you !

  6. Could it be that you keep looking at her, instead of looking forward, like we're supposed to do when riding, so as to not impede our horses' forward motion?

    I don't know. But it sure is great to see you and Izzy working together. You look great!


  7. I know nothing about dog showing, but I do know Izzy is a very nice looking dog. Pretty color. Good luck with your practice.

  8. its nice to see the little clips of you with your dogs .....thought the tooth cleaning looked interesting.

  9. I too know nothing on doug showing Jen, but what I see is beautiful beginnings of great things!
    Have to say this.... I'm so proud of you!

  10. Oh my gosh...DOG SHOWING...darned smarty phone


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