Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

School is finally out for my boys and they left to visit their family in Florida yesterday.  I've got two and half weeks of no "kid schedule" always a welcome break even though I miss them!  On top of this, our EXTREME heat has died off.  Tomorrow supposed to be low to mid 70's and sunshine lasting through the week!!!  I will be riding every single day !

Speaking of riding I set my riding goals to be in show ring July 16 with Rosie.  Going to do my intro tests again, but on her.  If I can get a reliable, adequately balanced canter I may pull on those Big.Girl.Breeches and do Training level 1.  All depends on that darned Canter !!

I was hoping to have Collie puppies by June 29, but Izzy's breeding didn't take.   Very unfortunate as a lot of people where excited about this breeding.  Contract states I get a breed back, but I'm hoping he will let me wait until her spring cycle as I don't have the space to handle winter puppies.   Until then I've started conditioning her and will have her back in the show ring by end of July!  Never know, maybe I can get her  qualified for Eukanuba.  I have until October.

In other news...
We're about half way finished with our screened porch re-do.   My husband has done the majority of the work, with help of a friend for the "on the roof" stuff.

Scenes from today...

 I can't wait !!!  I picked out interior colors for the porch already, as well as exterior.  We are re-roofing and painting the entire exterior of the house as well.

Hopefully there will be horsey stories and pictures over the next week!


  1. OK...I wanna know what colors you picked out for the exterior! We are struggling with that right now. I've been using a program on the Sherwin Williams site that allows you to color a picture of your house..... but I still can't decide!

  2. Grey ~ We will be putting this little house in the city on the market, so just grey, with hunter green shutters and I'll paint the exterior doors to match. Right now it's 1950's white on white.

    The porch I'm going with a "Beachy" thing. Blueish with "sand" colored floor.

  3. I love your new blog look! Very pretty and different. Good riding goals. Showing really helps with training. With or without the canter it will be a great experience. I think you're right not to do it if you think it (canter) might not be ready. It will make you nervous and showing should be fun. Even though Rogo is cantering well at home I found his balance wasn't as good at the show, so I'm glad I didn't try it last fall.
    Your reno looks like it's going to give you a great spot to read and hang outside - nice.


Happy Trails!