Sunday, June 12, 2011

Here's To... Or Two

I have to say that I am very VERY happy with this bitless bridle.  It took Bonnie and I all of 3 minutes to  "adjust" if you will. (all pictures taken after the rides)

I did more walking and walking, and even more walking with some very short jog sessions thrown in.  No head tossing, no bit chomping, head was alway down and relaxed.  Bonnie neck reins beautifully and I kept all gaits western gaits.  No more "working trot" now it's all jog and lope.

Even though I was using my English All Purpose saddle on her I still rode very western as that will be her main job as soon as I pick up a 28 inch girth for the new saddle.   

I think she's smiling

Jim came to the barn with me.  He put Rosie's first ride of the season on her.  Again, I opted to not lunge and went with the addage "If she's going to show her worst she needs to do it now".  I didn't get any pictures of him riding but he did VERY well.  Rosie is not an easy horse to ride as she requires an "active rider" to be a leader and take charge.  

After he'd had enough I hopped off Bonnie and put the All Purpose on Rosie.  Time to go to work!   First three strides and I was grinning ear to ear exclaiming out loud "I LOVE RIDING THIS HORSE!"

I got her walking really forward, then halt.  Worked on that a lot as she was really taking advantage of Jim on the "whoas".

I'm tiny next to her!

Rosie and I did a lot of walk with some trot transitions thrown in.  Lot's of circles to control her speed at the trot until she softened.   I tried one side pass each direction and got an honest try out of her, can't ask for more than that has never been part of her training.  Also asked for a roll back (back up for western folk).  I've never asked for this under saddle so took lots of coaxing and patients until she finally moved one foot back.  TONS of praise!  Try again and I got two feet to move and I called it quits.

It was a glorious day doing what I love with the man I love.


Life does not get much better than this folks!

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