Monday, July 11, 2011

103 Degree's Fahrenheit = Fun With Water

When I got to the farm at 6:30 PM 103 is what the "outside" temperature was according to my car.  This does not into account humidity.  Which is darn near close to 100%.

Way too hot to ride so I decided it was "Spa Day" for Rosie.  Her tail was a mess and she was encrusted in natural fly bite protection => dirt!

 I assembled all the tools..

Big 'Ole hay bag full of her evening hay to keep her busy.

Bucket of Cowboy Magic shampoo and conditioner, sponge, scrubby mitt, and the complete arsenal of the grooming box.

She really enjoyed the rare treat of hand grazing while she dried in the shade.

 Then rolled again just before she got her dinner =/

O'well I accomplished what I wanted and her tail is dreadlock free !


  1. I think they do it just to spite us. :/

  2. Don't ya love it when they roll after a bath!
    Hot here too...heat index hit 111 today.ugh. I am so ready for Fall!
    Glad you had such a splendid vacay :)
    xo, misha

  3. Wow, that is a hot one! I would give a spa day too!! Unfortunately we haven't had many hot days to have a spa day yet this year!

  4. After grooming Jaz, I let him go and count. One time, I didn't even get to 5!

  5. That's a hot one for sure. I'm sure Rosie enjoyed her spa treatment but then at the end you really did forget the mud pack it's not wonder she had to roll to remind you for next time.

  6. i just found your blog and must say your header is the prettiest thing i've ever seen. not only is it stunning, visually, but your horse looks so happy.

    wow. i wish i could do that.

  7. Great pictures. You're getting some of our Southwest heat but you have the mid-West, Ohio River humidity on top of it. That makes it tough.


  8. I love washing horses! Especially if it's hot too! :) Gee, it annoy's me when I spend house on getting my grey mare clean she goes and has a dust bath :(
    It is so freezing cold over here in Australia it's hard to believe it's hot were you are! I wish I could wash my horse but it's just to dang cold!!
    By the way I really love your blog header! It's totally cool!! =D

  9. My guys both got baths... and rolled. Even so, I know they are cleaner!

  10. Rosie is so beautiful. I was just thinking tonight that I need a day like this with the horses. Lately I've been too rushed to get on and ride, and they haven't been pampered as they deserve :)
    Hope you get a break in the heat.

  11. Oh well...where's the appreciation? If someone gives me a spa day, I promise I won't roll in the dirt afterwards :)

    By the way, I noticed that you've got the same hay bag as I do. I bought it last year and haven't had the opportunity to use it, but plan to use it for this weekend's ACTHA ride. Problem is, my hay bag never came with any straps. Did yours?
    Got any advice or ideas on how to hang it safely from a horse trailer so Apache can munch while she's tied to it outside?


  12. Oh my! Guess what? I found the strap to my hay bag last my closet! Now how did it get in there? lol!


  13. Lisa - I was going to email you and tell you the straps are attached to mine. But you've found it =)


Happy Trails!