Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Picture Story

So I got up today pretty much feeling like a 

 but I  went to the farm anyway and rode Rosie.  

While Jim hung up the Dressage  on the appropriate posts in the outdoor arena; Rosie and I worked on the bending and loosing up her jaw clenching and it only took a few circles before she stopped bracing and we moved on to our tests.

Still battling with that 20 meter circle, but at this point I'm fairly certain that once I'm in good level footing we'll be just fine.  I say this because I was able to push her out easily with my inside leg and bend her around the circle, rail to rail.  This made me  smile and feel happy inside just like seeing this perfect  does.

However it was so hot today that we felt as dried up and petrified as this

**First two images from Google Images.   Daisy and Pine Cone I took with husbands Nikon D5100 while on vacation.


  1. Tee hee...perfect pictures for sharing your thoughts. Ok, I'm going to plant daisies. I was just on Shirley's World blog and saw her daisies and then your daisy pic. They are such happy little flowers. I love daisies. Gerbera Daisies were my wedding flowers.

  2. Very nice, and sounds like you and ROsie have found your niche


Happy Trails!