Friday, July 15, 2011

Case of Nerves

Night before show day and I'm a ball of nerves.  I've attempted to organize my day down to the minute detail in hopes that things run smoothly, at least up to the point where we get to the show barn.

When I voice the fact that I'm very nervous about this show people always react with "Why, this isn't your first show?"

So in trying to dispel the nerves I've decided to write about why I'm nervous.

While it's true I've been riding and competing horses since I was a pre-teen child, I've always had the luxury of riding an already trained horse.

This goes farther than that though.  Rosie is the first horse I've bought on my own.   Meaning I didn't have someone I trust help me out with the decision.  I thought long and hard about what I was for,  I did the breed research,  the shopping... ugg the shopping.  I did the "test ride" ensuring she met all the basic riding skills as well as determine how she would handle almost anything.

I made the decision to buy her.   Then the work began.  I've done all the training.  I take full responsibility for the good and bad in her training.  

So I researched, picked out, purchased, trained - and am now competing MY HORSE.

I think the perfectionist in me is just scared of failure.  I'm not looking for blue ribbons, success for me will be having a calm mount, not plowing through any fences, and staying in the saddle.

I think I'm ready - I spent this evening cleaning tack, removing the stuff I store in my trailer and putting the stuff out the way in the tack room.  I bought a new saddle pad and stock tie today.  I cleaned my boots and found Rosie's coggins test.  I made sure my white breeches, white shirt, and Dressage coat are in good order and have them hung on hanger waiting.    I need to stop at Target on the way to the barn in the morning and buy white undies (why are white breeches so darned thin), socks, and band-aides.


  1. Go get 'em girl! And remember to breath!
    All I can say is you have done great work with Rosie so far, just getting her to the show is a win , the rest is gravy

  2. I am feeling the same, except with a horse I only have a year of history with, and with all the worries of a huge ride in a new place...and only my second ride since she kicked me last summer. Ooooh. I better stop now. lol!

    Anyway, it's easy to understand why you'd be nervous, but you are ready and you worked hard for this..and you can do it. And so can Rosie, too.

    I can't wait to read all about it!


  3. Good luck!! I totally understand your nervousness. But like you said, it's not about the blue ribbons, it's about going out there and having a good ride!!

  4. I agree with Paint Girl. Think of it as just a good ride with Rosie. And as was said above, breath - relax. Whatever Rosie does is not a reflection on you - good or bad. If she does well, good for her. If she doesn't - either way you're still the same.

    You've done your best and that's all you can do.

    Best wishes.


  5. Breath, use the corners and enjoy. You can do this!

  6. My thoughts are if you and Rosie do the best you can that's all you can ask for. One of the biggest obstacles to overcome are the "dont's", as in "I don't care what anyone thinks of us, I don't care if we mess up a little here and there, I don't mind if we're not perfect etc." Don't worry so much about everything, it's only a show, a score, a maybe ribbon but it's a lifetime of fun and just being with your horse whether you're competing or not. Relax and enjoy the day with Rosie.

  7. It is fantastic that you shopped, picked, bought, trained and are showing Rosie. That's a wonderful accomplishment. I hope you had a great time at the show.


Happy Trails!