Sunday, July 17, 2011

Starry Nights Dressage Show

What a day!  Successful too!

Rosie and I started our day with a quick bath.  I'd already scrubbed her really good earlier in the week and did her tail and mane so no deep clean or shampoo/conditioner needed.

After a very stress free load up we were on our way. The show was at Walnut Creek Stables which is a very beautiful facility.  I leased a stall in the large main barn for the day and am so glad I did with the temperatures in the mid 90's with high humidity.  Each stall had a steel grid stall door on the back side for light and ventilation.  It was cooler in the barn with a nice breeze through the isle way.
(all pictures are click to super-size)

In Rosie's stall

Between my nerves and her naturally being up because of the different environment, warm up was interesting.  In door she was at least listening...

Warm-up in the Indoor

Once outside I had plenty of "Go" but her brakes were broke... very little stop to her.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and exhaled slowly, forcing myself into calm and relaxing everything.  

I did all walk/trot classes because neither Rosie or I have enough confidence in the canter yet so I didn't want the added stress of worrying about it.  This means that equitation and Dressage Suitability is all ages, and all riding abilities.
Suitability and Equitation

Check out the Saddle Pad!

The tally for the day :
3rd in Dressage Suitability
1st in Dressage Equitation
60% Intro A  (I completely screwed up one movement) - 5th place
63 % Intro B - This test I got all 7's and 8's for 4th place.

I totally hosed one 20 meter circle in Intro A.  I knew as soon as I started it it was going to be bad but recovered well and was the only mark under a 6.  I had same judge for Intro B so I went to work correcting the things she remarked on.

Intro B felt TERRIFIC !!  Circles are a bit sticky on the right bend and the judges only bad remarks was that I was using a lot of hand on the circle to the right.  At least she didn't remark on me using my entire body weight to move her over!

Every Color but Red!


  1. I love how in that line up picture, Rosie's the only one standing there with her nose vertical and on the bit.

  2. YAY Jeni!!!!!!!!! YAY ROSIE!!!!!!
    Awesome day-you should be awsomely Proud :)
    I am!
    xo, misha

  3. I am so happy for you and Rosie. The two of you look great. I love the picture of you and Rosie along side the little pony. Cute! Rosie is beautiful. Way to go! Hip Hip Hooray!

  4. Congrats! you looked wonderful ! Yay for you both

  5. CONGRATS! You two look absolutely beautiful together.

  6. Wooo hooo!! Congrats!! Rosie looks beautiful! Great job!!

  7. Oh my gosh you guys look fabulous. What a wonderful day for you both. The stall for the day sounded like a perfect spot for a hot day. Well done on your beautiful collection of rosettes.

  8. I love the look the rider of the little grey pony is giving you WAY UP THERE! Congrats!

  9. Congratulations to you and Rosie!!! Love the mane, you two looked great!

  10. OH WOW!!!! OH WOW!!! I am SOOOOOOOO proud of you! You looked amazing! Perfect seat and equitation. Rosie and you look so powerful together! It says so much about all the work you've done with Rosie, that you were able to control her and keep her focused on the task at hand.
    Rosie looked awesome! You did a great job on her mane and forelock, too. OH WOW! And all those ribbons, too?!
    You two totally rock!


  11. You and Rosie looked great for this show. Congrats!

  12. I'm so happy for you and Rosie. Congratulations on a great show. The pony pictured next to Rosie is adorable, what a difference in sizes. All your pictures are great but my favorite is you and Rosie with her ribbons and you being so proud of both of you.

  13. Rosie looks so great, and so do you. What a great combo you make. I'm really, really impressed (and jealous in a good way) with your first in equitation. Boy could I use a little of that. Sounds like a perfect day. Congratulations!!!!

  14. hi there- I really can't figure out quite how I landed here, but wow! what a fab cob Rosie is!

    I've been really interested in reading your posts- I have an Irish cob called Bruce who has spent the past 10 years hunting and has now come to me for an easier life.

    I've had big horses since I was a kid, but for some reason with him I have nerves like never before, and I also realised that just admitting to being so nervous is a huge step forward.

    Breathing deeply seems to work well, and I've found as my shoulders relax and tummy un-tenses, he also starts to breathe out more deeply.

    My instuctor wisely says that when things start to fall apart, back-track to where it worked ok and if necessary simply go back to the breath and re-start from there.
    Sound advice most of the time, but sometimes out in the open countryside I do wonder if I did the right thing having him!

    They say these are the ones you learn most from :))

    Good luck with Rosie


Happy Trails!