Saturday, July 30, 2011

Helping Hands and Thrush Update

Southern Ohio is in the grips of another 100 + degree heat index trend. It's been this hot since before the show, and hasn't let up  so no riding since then.  I just don't have the energy after work to do much more than hose the girls off, feed, water and muck their stalls.

Yes, I said feed, water and muck stalls.  Yes, I'm still boarding.  Things have changed a bit though.  The BO was diagnosed a few weeks ago with cancer that has spread to several internal parts and has started chemo.  Her husband and daughters are trying to keep up with the barn duties but heck, every one needs a hand.  There are a couple of us who have started to care for our own horses as much as we can.  I have to say I really enjoy doing it.

If you remember about a month or two ago I had my farrier confirm that Bonnie had two spots of thrush.  Right rear and left front.  The left front cleared really quickly, but the right rear took some time.  For weeks now it's just been a spot that looked damp.  No oder, no black goo, just "damp" looking.  This past week or so I noticed the spot getting smaller and smaller and now even that is gone.  Farrier confirmed for me yesterday that, yes indeed, the thrush is GONE!

I hope the heat and drought breaks for everyone who is experiencing this crazy weather soon!


  1. Good news on the thrush. Because of our dryness and low humidity that's not something we have a problem with out here in NM. We have our horses with us at our home and I love the whole routine of cleaning up their manure, feeding, etc. Our horses can be out 24/7. The only time they're in the stalls is when we feed them or they want to be under the fans in the stalls.


  2. sosorr to read about the BO, and great that everyone is pitching in to help out. hope the weather breaks soon

  3. Yes, sorry about the BO. Glad you are in a position to help take care of the your horses. Hope that whole situation resolves quickly.

  4. Ugh...tough break for your BO. Wishing good thoughts for a speedy recovery.

    Even when I boarded I enjoyed taking on a lot of my horse's care. At one barn they only cleaned stalls once a week... BUT ... they would put in a fresh bale of straw when they did clean. My friend and I would bank the clean straw around the sides of the stall, and muck out each day we were there.
    Thrush is tough. Glad you conquered it!


Happy Trails!