Friday, August 5, 2011

Knowing When To Let Them Fly

I'm having a real hard time with my daughter.  Oh don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful person.  She's turning into exactly what I'd hoped she would.  She's funny, loving, responsible when it counts,  able think on her own, and she takes the world by it's horns and says "Let's go!"

Warmup/sketch book

My problem is that is she is going away to college in 10 days.  While I don't see her much anymore, my home is still her mailing address, she still lives  sleeps here (sometimes).  She is nearly 20 years old.  She took a year off after high school.  While I didn't agree with it at the time, I think she needed it to grow up a bit.


She took it upon herself to apply to Columbus College of Art and Design to attend this fall.  CCAD was founded in 1879 and is one the oldest operating art schools in the United States.  It is a private school that offers Bachelors and Masters degrees in fine arts.


Samantha's program of choice is graphic design and advertising.

String and Paper textured acrylics 

She received a Deans grant because of the quality of her portfolio.  She stopped drawing and painting for a while, I'm extremely happy she has decided to make it her education choice.

Water Colors

I know she's only going to be two hours away...

Photo Manipulation for local band cd cover

but I still worry like a mother will...

Photo Manipulation for a book cover proof

I already miss my INCREDIBLY talented daughter, but she is ready to jump out of the nest.

Free Hand drawn with Wacom pen tablet

Yes, I've kept every little sketch, scrape, partially finished and completely finished object.  I have paintings big and small, pottery, drawings, etc. I've made her sign and date every piece as one never knows what will happen tomorrow.  Every image here can be clicked to enlarge, and each piece was in her portfolio for college entrance requirement.

* all images are copy write of Samantha Ingram.  Do not copy or reproduce without express written permission.


  1. Quite a talent ! It must be so hard to see her go, but I am sure she will be a huge success, and is as proud of her mom as you are her!

  2. Gosh Jeni what a talented daughter and you must be so proud. To have achieved that milestone of helping her grow is a special achievement for you. With two small girls myself I worry about their future too....but unlike you I have sooooo far to go yet. Some days it feels daunting.
    Sally from Ferngrove Farm

  3. She's good. She's definitely got the talent to do well in her chosen field - how it will just take hard work and determination to succeed.

    The toughest year for us, especially Betty, was the year our youngest went to college. He was six hours away in Valparaiso, Indiana. That same year, our oldest who was going to Miami of Ohio, only an hour away, decided to spend a year in Japan.

    But, there is life after kids. It's our job as parents to help them learn to fly even though it's sad to see them leave the nest.

    It's also an opportunity for you to discover the rest of your life.


  4. WOW! What a talented daughter you have. Each piece is wonderful. I love her work. I think she must have inheritated some of her creativity from you, judging by your blog and photography.
    And cheer up, you will always be her Mom and she isn't far. What a great adventure she is on and one that you can share.
    Thanks for the fixed up photos you sent me! Greatly appreciated.

  5. Oh, it is so hard to let go... even when they are so close. My baby is only about 45 minutes away and I constantly wonder what he's doing and if he's OK. I think I find it hard not to be a part of his life... and to realize that there are people out there that are part of his life that I know nothing about!
    Do birds find it so hard when their young fledge?
    Good luck!
    Oh, I forgot to say how incredibly talented your daughter is. How lucky for her to pursue a degree in the art field!
    Oh... and how wonderful that she has a mom who is letting go... even if it is hard!

  6. It's hard, isn't it?! Your daughter is very talented. The photo manipulations are stunning. She will do well with her talent and more importantly her take charge/ability to think on her own. You need both. She is going into my field :))

  7. It's never easy to let them go, but she will only be two hours away and that's an easy drive. My daughter went to Arizona which was a 5 hour plane ride. Trust me, that was hard. And harder still when she went to Scotland with her horse to train. We never stop worrying but I'm sure she'll be just fine. She's a very talented artist and it looks like she's got a great future ahead of her. Take a deep breath and smile you did a great job raising an amazing woman.

  8. Wow! Incredible! I'm blown away. You must be so proud of her. She is going out into the world to own it!

    Bittersweet, though, I know.

    (((((Hugs for Mama)))))

  9. wow - her artwork is incredible! I don't have kids, but I know how much I miss my horse when I'm gone... so I can only imagine how you'll miss your daughter! But 2 hours is close enough you can saddle up and ride over there : )
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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