Sunday, August 28, 2011

Late August Trail Ride

There were 7 of us today...

The weather was P-E-R-F-E-C-T

My Point and Shoot is hooked to my saddle

Which means in motion pictures are kind of slanted.. 

We stopped to let them graze after about an hour of solid riding.. 

Everyone is all smiles... 

"L"in the distance checking his phone... He's a firefighter

I rode the big girl!  and what a GREAT ride!!!!

7 miles later.... 

We are back at the barn... 

Most of the horses were still fresh!

Afterwards we BBQ'd some burgers and hot dogs and us a great picnic!


  1. ...sounds like the perfect day!!!

  2. What a great day. You look great on that big horse.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Fresh, eh? Well maybe you shoulda headed back out and gave those ponies another 7 miles. lol!

    Looked like a great time, and you and Rosie looked mighty fine. I'm thinking you were not only the only Draft riders, but also the only ones riding English. You go girl!


  4. Very jealous! I want to go on more trail rides, but it never seems like anyone else has the time or desire :/
    Looks like beautiful weather you had as well!

  5. What a gorgeous summer group ride!!
    Your Rosie mare is really looking fit and fantastic.

  6. Wow what an awesome ride out .... you and your gorgeous mare look fantastic


Happy Trails!