Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Intro B Video

From the Starry Nights Dressage show in July.

This was the 63% - 4th place Intro B test.

My warm up was "un-orthodox" to say the least.  I was flexing her head loosing up the jaw, I also had to get her listening to my seat so was actually doing walk/trot transition.  I know,  not the best thing to do BUT it is MY warm-up and it works.


  1. Great test. Rosie is bending nicely and staying on the bit. Good job! You guys are doing really well. I don't think someone who hasn't done it can comprehend how challenging it can feel train a horse and bring it to their first show. I'm so impressed. She didn't even blink going by the trailer with the judge in it. What a good girl.

  2. Also, what's wrong with walk / trot transitions (your warm up)? I thought they were a good thing to do.

  3. I think you had a pretty good test. You have to the warmup that's right for you and your horse!

  4. I know nothing about dressage, but you both looked great to me.

    Well done.


  5. Oh you two look super cute and did so nicely!!
    Your work truly paid off, excellent!!


Happy Trails!