Monday, September 26, 2011

New Digs - Pictures

I'm sure the novelty of cleaning stalls will wear off, but I can tell you I've enjoyed it the past two days!

Job well done... 

Bonnie's still nervous and jiggy but she'll calm down soon enough... 

Whatcha doing ???

The green pasture in the background with the run-in shed is theirs too... 

 Coming to gate when called...  Rosie has turned into the lead mare over the summer.

I had a great ride on Rosie - absolutely no pulling or bracing from her!
Working Trot - sitting
Working on free walk

Happy Horse Owner!


  1. Yeah! Glad they are settled into their new home. It looks really pretty with all the trees and shade too...

  2. Thats great! I love doing stalls. When I have to clean the sheds I never mind. I just make sure I have some time and patience. Patience because I usually have Indigo trying to thieve my broom! Bugger. and pssst- Tighten that helmet strap up! You don't do us any good if your helmet slides off before it can do it's job and save your life ;)

  3. My husband and me just hooted over your smile while wearing that great shirt! Did you wear that while moving, tee he he~

    Nice digs , bet your mare loves that footing! Love that Rosie looks on your work while riding!
    The turnout is did so good.

    Ya know, when I get to the stable if my stall is not done yet...I do it. The owner , at first was put off, and said, thanks but you pay us to do it... But I do it for me and the mare, I enjoy it.

    Loved seeing your place, and looking for more great news and times!! ;)

  4. I want your tee-shirt! It made me laugh. Not sure my husband would appreciate it... but I love it.
    I've been mucking twice a day for 10 years and I still enjoy it.

  5. Your new place looks great! I don't mind cleaning stalls at all either. I'm sure the ponies appreciate it too.

  6. you and your horses all look happy .....good for you!!!!

  7. Love the shirt! So happy that all's going well after the move.

  8. Wooohooo!!! The move went smoothly and everything looks fantastic. Great job! Love the shirt. I have to ask if that girth is a wintec 'elastic' girth(not dressage)? IF so, do you not HATE that thing? Just wondering cause I have one and I hate it.

  9. Nice place. I'll have to have a T-shirt like that made for me to make it clear to people who interfere that I prefer my horse time over whatever it is that is on their agenda.

  10. That's great. It looks like a nice place for everyone.


    PS: I still clean manure twice a day for six years now and I don't mind it.

  11. Looks great, love the mature tree's. Think of cleaning stalls as exercise, and time spent with/for your horses :)

  12. I don't mind doing stalls except when those little bugs or whatever they are storm out of the manure piles in the summer. Oh well. Your new place looks great and so do the girls. Glad you had a nice Rosie ride. Love your shirt! My favorite shirt says 'horses are god's apology for men' Enjoy the new place.

  13. Some people take drugs, some go to therapy, I muck stalls! It is so mindless, but at the same time gives me a chance to pull the pieces of my day back together or visit with friends.
    Good luck!

  14. I am so happy for you and the *kids* This post made me grin from ear to ear!!!
    And your t-shirt? Awesome!!!
    xo, misha

  15. I find cleaning stalls therapeutic. Cup of coffee, the radio, manure... I'm happy.
    Your new place looks great. And you look great sitting Rosie's trot. Good work. Also love the shirt :)

  16. Look at your smile! Makes me happy to see you so happy!

    Great shirt, too!



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