Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rosie Conformation Pictures

This was an education for me as I've never taken actual conformation pictures of any of my horses.  So I did some research on how best to do it.  Also checked the Sugarbush Draft Registry application for their requirements, which is all four sides.   Discussed with my husband the requirements, what my research told me and went out with a plan.

Rosie is shedding summer coat (oh joy).  Which means her darker winter coat is growing in.  I wanted pictures before the woolly mammoth appeared so today was the day.  It's a bit sunny for my tastes in picture taking but it was either today in the sun, or the rest of the week in rain. meh.

Without Further Ado...

I'm open to any critique of the photo's.


  1. I know nothing about confirmation - good or bad. She just looks like a good horse to me.


  2. She looks good to me. No clue what they are looking for tho. Stupid question time, are you applying because you think Rosie has Sugarbush Draft breeding in her? or to see if she qualifies to "build" the breed? Either way, Rosie is gorgeous and has a good mind. IMO, it would be their loss not to accept her.

  3. @Aurora - they've opened the registration to all draft cross mares as long as 51% is draft and meet the conformation requirements. I sent a sample picture to Drafts with Dots and they are absolutely in love with her. So hubby and I discussed what it would mean to have her registered as foundation stock and he's on board - right down to breeding her in the future.

    @ Dan thank you so much.

  4. She is gorgeous. I love her color, it's quite different. Is there a name for this color? It would be fun to breed such a nice mare. Do you have any crosses in mind?

  5. She is gorgeous! I would think those pics would be adequate. I like the front shot, those are hard to get good ones of . Side view an Open stance is nice open

  6. Well I think she's gorgeous!
    But if I had to pick anything apart, I'd say that her croup may be just a tad bit high(or maybe her tail is just low?), and perhaps she could have just a little more jaw/throat latch definition, but this may be something more favorable in a draft horse? Her neck is very strong, powerful and "drafty", just like her back side, while her shoulders are wonderfully angled. I also like her straight legs that have the appearance of strong and stocky bone.

    And I think that her beautiful color would offer a great compliment to any future foals if she is bred through the registry.

    Don't you think a Rosie and Scorch pairing would produce some mighty fine Iron Ridge Horse prodigy? :)


  7. I like the others think your mare is simply gorgeous. She has plenty of bone without being clunky.....a lovely draft type. Most of my crossbreds have been clydesdale cross. I'd happily have Rosie in my paddock

  8. She's one gorgeous gal. Love her color and confirmation. Draft breeds are one of my favorites. The registry would be lucky to have such a sweet lady in their breeding book.

  9. Look at how wonderful she wad for the goto shoot! She's such a nice mare. Good shots of her for registry!

    Any chance you'd change your comment window to a POP up one? I just realised that one been commenting from my phone...just grief to respond to your confirmation sends me to sign in again . Or allow anonymous, I can comment that way too.

  10. She certainly looks in great condition.

  11. She looks like she would be as sweet in harness as she is under saddle. A good ride. The only thing I could say is when you pick a stallion, pick one that can correct her low tail set, and refine her head a little more. I really like her.

  12. Do you think Rosie would marry me?

    Boyfriend (or Hubby!)


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