Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sometimes You Get Lucky

And today was one of those days.

Started out at 8 am to pick up borrowed pickup truck.  Got to the new barn and met my hay guy who is very punctual!  He not only delivers he stacks for you too.  Great guy all around.  So we got the 41.5 bales stacked and I set up a monthly delivery of the same.  The hay is WONDERFUL, green, soft, no weeds, orchard grass, brome and clover mixture.  Smells awesome.

Then we ran to the feed store and got 20 bales of shavings and another 2 bags of 14% pellets because they were on sale for $9.50 a bag - normally $15.  Went back to barn and stacked that up then headed up to get the girls.

Got there and some of my riding buddies were there.  They hung out while Jim and I loaded my gear into the truck.

Then the fun part - the part, I think, we all dread, loading.  I mean it could go flawlessly - or terribly bad.  Just no middle ground at all on that one.

Jim and I fetched Bonnie and Rosie from the field - he put Rosie in the round pen while I had a conversation about respect with Bonnie.  Nothing fancy just made her move her feet when and where I wanted.

I took a deep breath, let her know I had cookies in my hand, squared my shoulders and walked up the ramp with 100% confidence that she would just follow me.  She stopped to smell and look, made eye contact with me then walked right in behind me !! YEAH! I had to refrain from the hoots and hollers in joy because she's not been on a trailer in almost 2 years.

Grabbed Rosie - didn't even do any ground work, just squared my shoulders and walked up into the trailer.  She followed me like it wasn't any different then walking into her stall.  

So proud of my mares !

My little audience told me my show was boring ! LOL They were hoping for some entertainment with loading.

Got to the new place off loaded - put them in their stalls for some hay, discussed the bad handling habits at previous place and explained in no uncertain terms that she was not to let them walk all over her and to put them in their places.    Unpacked my tack and put it away, dumped grain into my new locking lid trash can, feed both mares another cookie and gave them a smooch for being such good girls and left them to adjust.

Their day of "new" wasn't over.  They were turned out into their own paddock with run-in shed for the rest of the afternoon and will be outside 90% of the time after the next couple of days.

Tomorrow is picture day ~ Confirmation shots of Rosie for her registration application!!!


  1. :D Yay! Sounds like they will love it there, glad there will be no more wet icky stalls and sub-par care.

  2. Or, sometimes you just work really hard for something and make good decisions and things fall into place due to all your hard work. I don't think I would consider it luck girl. Good job taking steps in a positive direction for your horses!

  3. confidence is key. Walk right on and assume they are right behind you .If you don't question it , they likely wont either!Glad it all went well

  4. Glad you found my note for a smooth move- at the end of!!! Sounds fabtabulious!!!! All providence and no luck at all~

  5. Uneventful moves are the best! Sounds like a wonderful facility for you and the horses. :)

  6. what a wonderful day for you and yay for the positive loading!!!!

  7. Hooray for a smooth and easy move!!!

    Photos of your horses in the new place are also soon forthcoming, right?



Happy Trails!