Thursday, September 22, 2011

Acceptable vs. Not Acceptable

Excuse the bad lighting cell phone pictures please.

This is the stall right next to Rosie's - plenty of shavings and is clean = acceptable

This is Rosie.  Horses had not been turned out because it was "grey" outside.  So I put Rosie in the round pen, and Bonnie is a private paddock opposite of her (I didn't get a picture of her on this day)

This is Rosie's stall AFTER it was "cleaned" by barn employee...  Notice the clean shavings over the dark spots?

Further inspection, it's urine spots and manure...

I cleaned stall - you can see the saturated floor... 

... and this is what I cleaned out of it.  Notice no clean shavings.  I raked off what little was there and cleaned out the wet.

... not acceptable

Tomorrow is one last trail ride at the barn with my barn friends if weather is decent.

Moving day has been moved up to Saturday.  I can't wait !


  1. No turn-out because it's "grey"? What kind of baloney is THAT? I like my mare to be outdoors on grey days because it's cooler for her and less sunlight means less chance for her nose and white areas to become sunburned.

    Rosie's stall makes me wonder what the barn employee's home looks like. I'm guessing that if you lifted rugs up in his/her home, you'd find dirt underneath. beh!

    Here's to a smooth and easy move on Saturday!


  2. I bet it will be great to see that place in your rear view mirror. Good luck on Saturday!

  3. Boy do I know what this feels like. Remember my early move home in the snow? No turn out and a filthy stall were almost daily events. I know shavings are expensive, but...
    Good luck with the move. Keep us posted!

  4. I'm glad you are moving the girls outta there soon.

  5. Oh Jeni, you mares are going to be in complete heaven on earth soon...with you ad thief angel of the barn!!! Hang in..its only days away.

    Praying for time to fly;)

  6. You are 100% correct -- UNACCEPTABLE!! Good for you for staying on top of this and making other arrangements. Happier days ahead!


    Regina --

    (still can't post under my profile name??)

  7. Yuck - glad moving day is very soon.

  8. Having worked at many, many barns this is why I have chosen to keep my horses outside and take care of them myself. Stupid decisions like grey skies and chances of rain are never reasons to keep a horse inside. Horses are not made of salt or sugar, they do not melt. It is so mentally unhealthy and physically (stocking up and lack of proper movement to aid in digestion) to keep a horse inside for too long. I would have been PISSED about that stall.
    Good thing you are moving.

  9. A little gconfused here. Kept in becuase it "might rain" Are horses suddenly made of sugar? My horses (most live outside year round and they have not melted as a result of inclement weather! Glad you are getting out of there

  10. It's hard switching barns, always feels like a passage of time. Even when it's warranted for less then desirable situations, like the above. We are filled with a huge sense of relief, and wonder of what the future holds. Experiences and lesson's learned stay with us. We grow. Glad you are moving on, and hope you are able to ride upon occasion with your barn friends.

  11. Lazy, that is what is! And incredibly unhealthy for the horses and humans breathing in that urine and fecal matter! Standing in that wetness also breaks down their feet!! Are they using sawdust instead of real shavings? This place needs to be shut down. jmo.
    I am sooooo glad you are moving! I hope your friends can also find a place. When I see facilities like this, it makes me wonder what happens when clients are NOT around!
    Keep us updated!
    xo, misha

  12. OKAY>>>So excited to hear of the relief you must be feeling...and the fact you may be going to bed far away did you say your new boarding place is??


Happy Trails!