Monday, September 19, 2011

Hay, Vaccines, Deworming, Farrier

Last minute things are falling into place.  I've ordered my hay delivery for this upcoming saturday. My hay storage space can only accommodate about a month or so of hay.  I wish it was more but even then, economics says at this point I need to order in smaller quantities.  I'm going to go with 40 bales a month to start and adjust as needed but never a minimum of 40.  I like the 10 extra bales as cushion.

I'm debating on feed.  I was thinking of going with Safe Choice for both mares, however I stopped at a feed store local to the new place and checked out their options.  They produce a 14% protein pellet with minimal starch and sugars.  I'd like to see the fat % a bit higher BUT because they are local they have the trace elements and minerals that is lacking in our area so I should be able to drop the added supplements I'm giving.  I guess I can boost the fat with some flax oil or something like it.   Only time will tell.

They also carry the most popular commercial brands as well so if this doesn't work out I can easily move to something else.  However, I'm a "more hay, less pellets" type a girl so my hope is that once they are back into condition I can back off the pellets to just a small amount so they can get the trace minerals.

And it's time for fall vaccines here in Ohio.  More precisely EHV 1 and 4, FLU and Rabies.  I've already ordered, and paid for them through the barn I'm leaving but order won't be in for 10 days.  I'll just pick up when they are in and administer myself.

... and worming.  Will do that this week too before I move.  I wonder if I can get S to do fecal testing and worm as needed?

Oh and Friday is Farrier day for Bonnie.  Four shoe reset. I'm hoping this will be the last set of shoes ever.  I really want to work on getting her hoofs hard and healthy.  Rosie had a trim two weeks ago - her hoofs are opposite - they are extremely hard, but chip/crack easily.

I'm hoping quality feed helps with that as well.  S is a well known, highly recommended barefoot trimmer so I'm going to let her work her magic and see what happens.  Bonnie has never been completely sound barefoot since I've owned her.  Always a little "ouchy" so I've kept her shod spring through late fall.


  1. seems as if things are coming together, and with the new BO being a barefoot farrier, I am sure that will help

  2. So glad everything is falling into place. What are you paying for hay around there right now? I have a feeling that just the fact that she will be turned out now instead of standing in stall all the time that her hooves will become alot healthier.

  3. Sounds like you've got it all under control. You sure are busy, but aren't we all at this time of year. Good luck in the new place.


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