Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Little More Information

A huge THANK YOU to everyone following my blog for mainly - well, listening to me whine and vent.

I am moving to Flying Hearts Farms.  It is not a boarding facility.  It is a training/rehab place that the owner has decided offer a couple of stalls as partial care.

Partial Care Defined:

Horse Owner Provides the following:
Bedding (shavings)
Cleans Stalls daily
Scrub water buckets
All other things

Facility Provides:
Feeding your feed at your amounts 2x a day/7 days a week
Unlimited Water (that's how the contract reads)
Use of all amenities (Tack room, wash rack, feed room, arena w/jumps, trails, etc.
No fee trailer parking
Turn out/in daily

What this means I am going to be very hands on with the day to day care of my mares.  It means more work, less time with my family, however the benefits are that I can now ensure they are getting the care I want and not what someone else defines.


  1. Sounds like there might be an adjustment period, but I'm betting that you, and especially your horses, are going to be very happy there.

    Here's to everything going smoothly,

  2. Gosh Jeni,
    you'll certainly know EXACTLY how the mares are and there is a great amount if relief to that, huh. Finding hay now there is a situation. Maybe the owner is getting some,and you may buy the extra. My sis just had to do this a month ago her private owner hooked her up cause it was so blame late in the season.

    So glad for the change, hope its "fairly close" ?

  3. Sounds like a good fit for you all. I have never heard of a partial board facility here ,kind of all or nothing

  4. Great news! There is a trade-off for everything, and in this case - I think it's a good trade. Best wishes for you & your girls at your new home - it sounds lovely!!

  5. Happy horses will mean happy you ....happy you means happy family. They may see less of you but the less will be less stressed so happier all round. All the best

  6. You will enjoy taking more active care of your horses. A lot of work, but very rewarding and you will have greater peace of mind knowing they are well cared for.


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