Friday, September 16, 2011

Whew ~ Things are Moving Quick!

First - thanks all who commented in my previous post.  After pouring over all the color charts, the DNA information, etc I agree that Rosie is a classic Liver Chestnut.

I had to determine this because I am applying for a Foundation Stock registration with the Sugarbush Draft Horse Registry  for Rosie !

Barn C is my choice and we'll be moving next Sunday.  Over the past weeks I've been stressing over all of this pretty badly.   The last straw was Thursday the horses hadn't been turned out AT ALL for, heck I don't know how many days,  all the horses were hungry and crabby in their stalls.  Night feeding according to BO at our little meeting last week, is to be 5 PM each night.  I can tell you that hasn't happened in a long time, at least consistently.   Thursday, myself and 3 other boarders left the barn at 8:40 PM and the horses had not been fed, even checked on since that morning.  Obviously, we fed our own horses but we were all hesitant to feed others horses as we don't know each horses health or feed requirements.

I called S at Barn C this morning and said "I need to move ASAP" she said you can come today if you want.  Will be ordering hay, feed and shavings this week to be delivered next Saturday.  I can't say I'm real excited about this move, but it's clean, safe and I will be taking care of my mares which is the utmost importance to me after this year of boarding hell.


  1. I seem to have fallen behind on a few posts , glad things are moving in a good direction

  2. I really hope everything goes smoothly and is a positive experience.


  3. all the best for your move and I'm sure sleep will come so much easier knowing your horses are happy

  4. Great that you're getting to move ASAP - that will be a big relief.

  5. I am so relieved for you! You go girl :) Make it happen for your peace of mind!!!!
    Keep us posted! xo, misha

  6. Unless you have a million... make that billion... dollars, I don't think there is ever a perfect barn and a perfect situation. But, what you have been dealing with just isn't good for the, enjoy the move and enjoy knowing that your girls are receiving super care!

  7. Jeni I appreciate all you've been through, as you know. It rough when life is hard enough and then, your lovely equines are getting
    Treated so terribly.
    All one can do in Despitate situation like you have is to make the best decisions with what is abailable.
    You are.
    It will be next Sunday before you know it and you'll be busy settling them in. I'm praying that the new caretakers can really. Pleasantly surprise you and give your heart a rest because...they are good and honstly caring horse folk!!

    On Your team, boarding chaps till we have our own places!
    I out myself on the wait list 2 years earlier, to be where I am now.


Happy Trails!