Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Pretty Pony

Tuesday I took time to really pamper Bonnie.  She is just the coolest mare ever and she just deserves every nice thing I can do for her.    

I brushed and brushed her early winter woolies.  Treated some fungus on her chest, trimmed bridle path, and got her whites, white... 

Then I braided and banded her mane.... 

... and treated her to about 15 minutes of hand grazing in the greenest grass there is!

I'm really happy with her current weight and will bring into work again to build up muscle.

Today is a rainy, cold day.  The girls were out for most of it, they do have shelter but didn't use it.  When I got to the barn to clean my stalls this evening, S had brought them in and Bonnie was on her second cooler.  She came in soaked through and shivering.   By the time I left she was dry and warm again.


  1. I bet Bonnie loved every minute of the pampering!

  2. I love your header picture. Bonnie is a pretty girl. In our high desert environment, our horses would kill for grass like that.


  3. What a nice way to spend time with your sweet girl!

  4. It is so cool and so much fun to pamper them, isn't it? She looks fantastic!


Happy Trails!