Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Monday night when I got to the barn, I was just going to clean up the mares a bit, and treat a couple of girth rubs on Bonnie.   My PBO, S, and her friend where there getting ready to ride.  They asked if I wanted to ride with them and.. let me tell you- they did not have to hold a gun to my head!

They are trying saddles out on S's mare Whisper.  Trying to figure out which they like best.  I did a lot of warm up.  Rosie and I are both tired and sore from the trail ride.  Once warmed up did short bouts of trot work, mixed in with a lot of walking.   

I'm trying to figure out how to get her to lengthen her stride at the trot.  S helped me figure out that what I think is forward, really isn't.  Rosie wasn't really tracking up, meaning her rear hoofs were not landing where the fronts just lifted from.   So off I went, her normal trot up the short side, then when I hit the long side I just let her power up.  Took us a few tries, but she REALLY got it when I went into two point because I couldn't sit that trot, nor could I post it effectively.  When I was in two point she really stepped up under herself, even that little bit I could feel the difference.

I have to figure out how to carry myself in that forward motion before my horse can carry herself and me. 

I cantered on the left lead to just ask for the transition, and get myself sitting up instead of leaning forward.  We held it for about half of a twenty meter circle before I asked for the trot.  Small steps of progress - but it is progress.

Another thing I've been working after watching some videos of my riding Rosie.  I noticed a lot of her tripping was the result of me throwing away the contact on downward transitions.  So I've been very conscious of holding the contact through the transition, especially now that I'm starting the canter.  It's really helping, she's not tripping at all.

Now if I can just get her to step OVER the cavaletti and instead of ON them I'll be happy!

Here is  Rosie 3 weeks after moving.. Do you see the difference from day one at new place? Beside the winter woolies growing in?
I wish she wouldn't have turned her head to look at me, but still a good picture.


  1. You are doing incredibly well! Introducing the canter is hard and it's going so well. Then to figure out how to get her to lengthen the trot - good idea. I'm going to try two point (although I haven't done it much - may need practice).
    Nice picture.

  2. Sounds like all is going well, she looks great!


Happy Trails!