Monday, October 3, 2011

A Natural

Mares are settling in well, putting on weight nicely.  I no longer feel spine and can barely feel ribs.  Can't see either, or hips points on either mare.  I've cut their pellets down to Bonnie 4 cups a day, and Rosie 8 cups a day, and thinking I'm going to cut that even further.  Combined they are going through a bale of hay a day.  

This evening I had to pick my youngest son up from Cross Country practice, then high tail it over to the barn to do chores so he came with me.

By the way.. I LOVE doing CHORES!   

As a treat I let him ride Miss Rosie.  I tossed my helmet at him and put halter and chain shank on Rosie.  I put the chain under her chin.   We walked out to the outdoor arena and the PBO "S" was out there schooling her warmblood Whisper.  My son climbed up on her bareback and I lead him around a bit, getting him to relax his legs and sit up and on his back pockets.  Did some trotting - "S" and I were laughing at him because as Rosie trotted he's saying "I can't do this... I can't do it!"  Not scared mind you, just intimidated.  When I'd look up at him he was always smiling so I know he was ok.

I finally got him to put his arms out in airplane, got him looking to where he wanted and Rosie just goes with his movement.  Taught him to halt her by sitting up as tall as he possibly can, then even a bit taller.  His grin said it all as she stopped immediately.

Then I tossed the lead over her neck and clipped the chain to the lead like reins.  Turned control over to the rider and just walked along side as he told me where he wanted to go, and moved Rosie there on his own.  I even got him to trot about 10 steps on his own.  =)

After that he filled water buckets while I picked out the stalls!  Very proud of my boy.  Sorry for no pictures.  I wanted to stay real close to him just in case.  


  1. sounds great , and if you love chores... have I got a deal for you LOL just kidding , there is a great sense of accomplishment to be found doing horse work

  2. Sounds wonderful! Your happiness shines through your words :)


  3. I love doing chores too. Glad to hear that your mares are doing well.

  4. REALLY neat that your son had a good bareback experience.
    I love doing chores, too. For me it is a stress-reliever and a mind-clearer.

  5. I just love coming by to see that header and to hear of you & your mares flourishing!
    There is connection to your horse(s) ,when you pick their poo from the they tell the story of health or otherwise.

    Neat to hear your son is a natural!


Happy Trails!