Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coolers and a Field Study Participant for Cowboy Magic Thrush Killer

Here is what you can do with 12 total yards of non-pill fleece and a sewing machine from the space age... 

I fumbled with filling bobbin.. heck even finding bobbin.. I'm so non-crafty but in less then a couple of hours I had the finished products!  Total cost for two coolers - $68.

Ohh a new dress!!!!!

Rosie thought she looked smashing and was ready to greet the guys at the dance... 

She even asked me if it made her butt look big... 

Ummm  Rosie honey please don't make me answer that!

Warm *yawn* good night!

Bonnie was a little less than thrilled with me and more interested in S's horses eating their dinner... 

Pink ???  

Cowboy Magic has a new product called  Medicated Thrush Killer.  Active ingredients are Chloroxylenol which is an antibacterial  and Salicylic Acid which is anti fungal (but also used in acne treatments).   The website  states it kills Fusobacterium necrophorum.  The bottle states it kills both gram positive, gram negative hoof bacteria as well as fungus.

Directions are fairly simple "Clean hoof thoroughly with hoof pick, apply half dollar size to bottom of each hoof and brush in around frog and horse shoe with hard tooth brush or stiff hoof pick brush."  They also claim "Works instantly with a 2 minute soak on dry ground"

I decided to do the study as I've been "treating" thrush for months now in both mares switching between Kopertox and Thrush Buster.  I've always been able to keep it "almost gone" but never completely.  It's been horribly wet this year with record rain falls month after month.  So the ground is wet, muddy mess, but they always have a dry place to stand if they choose too.  So between environmental issues out of my control, as well as their previous living conditions you can imagine it's been quite the battle.  

The other contributing factor is when we pulled Bonnie's shoes we discovered the thrush was worse then I originally thought.  

I received my free two bottles of Thrush Killer middle of the week and will start the study today.  I'll continue using Thrush Buster on Rosie, and use the Cowboy Magic Thrush Killer exclusively on Bonnie.  I'll post the results when the study ends, or I run out of the medication.


  1. Look at your fabulous cooler robes!! I commend you for tackling that sewing...I'm far less crafty with a machine. Love the colors!

    Hope the new product is a winner for the thrush combat. Yes,....the moisture/ mud factor is very high already!

  2. Love the coolers. Nice job!
    I just used some Coppertox. We are finally drying out, but the guys had a bit of thrush I wanted to nip in the bud. I can't wait to hear the results of your study. The ingredients sound like they should work well!

  3. Dreaming I have to be careful about Kopertox as I have adverse reactions to it. It's also very toxic and combustible !

    The cowboy magic stuff doesn't have so many label warnings, smells wonderful, and is thick so no running fluids.

  4. What gorgeous coolers! I can't wait to hear about your experience with thrush. My pony has developed some as we're just heading into the rainy/muddy season. I'm going to try the powder stuff since my horse trimmer recommended it.

  5. the coolers look great! Will be interested to see your findings

  6. Every time I wish for more rain or moisture, I am reminded to be thankful for our dry climate, even if we don't have grass, lovely leafed trees, flowers and lush pastures. My mare had a little bit of thrush in August during our monsoon season, but because we've not had any rain since September, her feet are all dry and clear again.
    I still look forward to reading your review of this product's results, because it would be nice to have a reliable product available just in case we do need it.

    Love those beautiful coolers! You did a wonderful job on them.

    And yeah, Rosie, your butt does look big, but for horses, that's just the way we like 'em!


  7. They look lovely! Can't wait to hear how the CM thrush stuff does. I swear by their detangler.

  8. Keep us posted on how that works.

    You did a great job with the coolers.

  9. I'll be interested to hear the results if your thrush study. Both of mine have it at the moment.


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