Saturday, November 12, 2011

Third Canter Under Saddle ~ Video

First thanks for all the info on the supplements.  I decided to go with something called Activ-flex 4000.  I can get it locally at an "Equine Health Food Store" and it costs about $25 a month.  Here is the analysis:

Guaranteed Analysis
Per oz.Per lb.
Glucosamine Sulfate8,000 mg.128,000 mg.
Chondroitin Sulfate
4,000 mg.
64,000 mg.
Type II Collagen3,000 mg.48,000 mg.
MSM3,000 mg.48,000 mg.
Ester C (Ascorbic Acid)1,000 mg.16,000 mg.
Perna Canaliculus1,000 mg.16,000 mg.
Yucca150 mg.2,400 mg.
Hyaluronic Acid (HA)125 mg.2,000 mg.
Bioperine100 mg.1,600 mg.

Decided to not do the "load" process and just start with a maintenance dose, it may take longer to see improvement but without a lot of "supervising" I didn't want to introduce something new so quickly.

Today I met "Mother" from the blog I am Boyfriend at the local tack store.  She's letting me try a Mattes pad as well as a Roma all purpose with the Sheep Skin wither relief on Rosie.   I have to say Bif's "Mother" is an absolute trip and though we've never met before I felt like we've known each other for years! 

So off to the barn Jim and I went.  He agreed to do some video for me.  

I used the Roma today and noticed an immediate improvement in saddle position. My saddle didn't slip at all when I mounted either. It always did a small amount previously, and I didn't tighten it any more than I ever have.   I also felt more "upright" when sitting in it.  I'm not sure how else to explain it.

First is sitting trot in a figure 8.  I LOVE how she is so light off my leg, swinging her hind end out around the circle.    I need to focus on my elbows - I notice you can see daylight between them and my ribs,  but my hands have improved!

Left lead canter.  She picks up left lead fairly easier.  You can see where I'm still fighting my body but I eventually get sitting up and almost correct.  I think I'm pushing my seat instead of just sitting.

Right lead canter.  She's not so fast picking this one up.  I have to be careful when I ask that I'm very clear or she gets the wrong lead.  It's also harder to keep her moving to the right.   Still pushing with my seat but more in an sitting up position.

I also did what felt like a gallop, but from what my husband described it was probably a much better, and forward canter.  He said she was reaching and relaxed, and I was sitting up right and just going with it instead of "forcing it".   Unfortunately no video of that one.  


  1. Nice videos and good work.

    Be careful of the glucosamine and yucca if the horse has any metabolic/IR issues - both these will potentially cause problems.

  2. Looking good, I think you will eventually settle into riding the canter whithout driving in so much with your body , sometimes we feel we need a full body experience to drive them into it and maintain .

  3. Let me know the Acti-Flex 4000 works. I know it's take a few weeks to notice any differences, but I'd love to find something to assist Apache with her joint health, too. She is prone to stocking up if I still her longer than overnight. Now I just need to get back to riding her regularly so we can both be in shape.

    Speaking of being in shape, you and Rosie looks terrific in the videos. Rosie is so powerful. She makes everything look effortless.


  4. ps...Sorry about all the spelling errors! bah! I need more caffeine!


  5. Great work! Her canter is amazing for only her third time. Your seat is very impressive - perfect positiona and so quiet. No wonder Rosie does so well.

  6. You and Rosie are looking very good! You must be very happy! I have a Mattes pad that I use with my Albion SL Dressage saddle and love it. What saddle do you ride position is terrific.

  7. She looks like she is really listening to you in the trot circles. Good job!

  8. Great equestrian blog! Why not come along and post this at Haynet an Equine Social Blogging Network - Hope to see you there!

  9. Both you and Rosie look great. By the way, I love your fencing. It would be cool to see video of you doing some jumps!


Happy Trails!