Friday, November 4, 2011

Looking for Info

I need to make a couple of coolers for the mares.  I can get fleece pretty cheap and I'm fairly certain I can sew some binding on the edges.

I can't find an actual pattern or yardage amount anywhere on the inner-webs.

Can someone please give me some measurements of a standard square cooler?  I'd prefer Large to XL size if possible.  I can always measure down for Bonnie.


  1. As I remember, all the blankets and stuff are measured in inch or two inch increments, so measure from the center of the chest to the middle of the tail for the length, you might add an inch or two for roomy-ness and for hemming the edges. Measure from the top of the withers to as far down as you want the drop of the blanket. You can add straps and velcro and snaps and stuff for the fittings.

    Today I bought a twin sized fleece blanket for $5 with the intent of making a riding blanket to put over his bum and my legs, and we'll just cut out the areas that we need to and put a bias tape edging on it with a velcro fastener and a bum strap to help stabilize it.

  2. Also try here:

  3. you might try eamiling CutnJump form Show in Style blog on my sidebar . She was making blankets for a while and is a very nice and helpful gal

  4. I made a fleece cooler - I couldn't see spending so much money for something so easy to make! I measured from Pippin's ear, down to the base of his tail. I added a few inches for 'wiggle room'. That was the yardage I ended up buying. Since the fleece was a little short on either side of him, I cut some strips, I think they were about 10" wide from more yardage and sewed those on either side of the cooler. (I used contrasting colors) I took some additional strips and braided them to make a loop to go over the ears and another one for the butt. I snagged one of hubby's large spring clips to use to clip the front together.
    Since fleece doesn't ravel I didn't even bother putting any binding on it.
    If you want a picture, send me an email.

    That's the website I use to get ask my horse clothes patterns.

  6. I've just used a fleece blanket, and like Dreaming said, a heavy duty clip to attach the ends, or velcro or even snaps. No need for a binding. Fleece doesn't unravel or get fringes.


  7. Sounds like you got some good advice. I just bought a cooler for Rogo, so if the above doesn't work out send me an email and I'll measure his to see if that might work. I'm very impressed with your sewing skills!

  8. ps - so sorry to read about your back. I hope you have a speedy and full recovery.

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