Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wish It Was A Vacation That Kept Me Away

Instead...   I suffered a debilitating back spasm at work last Wednesday.  The vice like clamp started just below my shoulders and went all the way down to the coccyx and the pain was so bad it literally sent me to my knees.   Once I was able to stand back up the pain was centered around the lower lumbar area where I have compressed disks.  The pain was as bad as I experienced two summers ago when I couldn't walk.

The really sad and frustrating thing about this for me is that I'm stronger and more physically fit then I've been in over 15 years.  However, the lower back likes to remind me just how fragile the human body can be.

Thursday and Friday of last week were spent doing absolutely nothing beyond what was necessary - which meant neanderthal penguin shuffling to the kitchen for food, or to the bathroom from the couch.  I put myself on a strict, ice, heat, ibuprofen, rest regimen until Saturday.  On Saturday I asked my dear husband to please drive me to the barn, I was going to ride something, some how.

Against his better judgement, I'm sure, he took me.  I put a halter and lead rope on Rosie and used a jump standard to climb up on her.  Jim then proceeded to lead me around until I went from leaning forward clutching mane to balance, to sitting up.  Then he turned me loose to ride around by myself.

Here is a quick video.  She's dirty, and I'm helmet less which is a huge no no so please ignore that.

You will notice she is walking so slow and careful.  I wanted to trot, but she wouldn't, really couldn't because I was so tense in my legs, seat and back.  Also my balance was horrible and she was extremely careful to stay under me.

Sunday was a better, but I still couldn't sit or stand for long.  Monday was even better and my son and I met my instructor at the barn for some Halloween riding.  She did a training ride on Rosie and got her cantering off leg and no more bucking.  She also checked saddle fit and says it's good until she develops more muscle just above the shoulder where it's hollow.  She said check it again in a month.   My son rode Rosie at walk all over the arena and around the obstacles, then I got up and rode without stirrups walk, sitting trot and a bit of posting without stirrups.

I rode Rosie bareback again for about 15 minutes last night and things are good with the back.  I'm muscle stiff so much so that movement and stretching helps tremendously.


  1. Glad you're better. I've had lower back spasms and they're no fun.


  2. Sorry about your back; that sounds awful. But glad you are coming out of it and that riding Rosie helped - like therapeutic riding, huh?

  3. I've had bad back trouble before - my deepest sympathies and wishes for a speedy recovery.

  4. Best posture you ever have is on a horse! My doc said no riding for me a few years ago, when my low back was flared up. Ignored him, and other than getting on and offit was the best therapy! Love how careful your sweet girl is being with you !

  5. Ahhhh, therapeutic riding! Yeah, it works!
    I had a desiccated disc and suffered terrible lower back pain. With some very strong anti-inflammatory drugs it became manageable.
    I also discovered I had problems with my back when I was in excellent shape. I was doing a physical fitness program 4 days a week. I decided that my excellent fitness actually contributed to my back going out because my muscles weren't balanced.

  6. Sorry to hear your back's been misbehaving. Riding fixes all kinds of things =)
    (If you need a good chiro , who has horses and knows how our crazy rider minds operate, let me know! Best of all, he likes to fix you and not see you again unless you need him, rather than those "let us get you on a plan" types.)

  7. Glad to hear you are feeling better. That sounds awful :(

  8. Oh so sorry to hear of the returns of pains! You were brave riding..and Rosie mare...i thought the video had been slowed! She really was doing the slow deliberate walk for you..what a mare!!!
    Glad to her you feel a bit better girl..I know , like many do, the pains of age and the fun we've had getting here...are real and hard to avoid.
    RIDE ON...till we can't anymore!!
    I adore your's an alltime fav!

  9. Oh yay! I'm glad you're already feeling better and stronger.
    I've been going to PT twice a week for the past 5 weeks for a strained neck and shoulder, so I can totally understand how painful back pain can be. I go from feeling great to feeling like an old woman, just over night.
    Rosie was such a good girl, too. You could see how careful she was being with you. She has such big strides and movement, that I imagine it could be painful to ride when your back is as painful as it was.

    But you're on the mend. Yay!

  10. Sorry to hear about your back. I've got some disc problems myself, don't sound as bad as yours though. Take care of yourself and rest.

  11. hope you are feeling better ...sore backs are the worst!!!. I know winter is on its way but I love the gold leaves on the trees in your video

  12. Sorry to hear about your back, riding helps mine too. Rosie's a smart girl. Hope your back continues to mend. Beautiful area to ride in, looks very peaceful.


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