Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dentist, Clinics, and Unedited Lesson Video

Today was equine dental care day.  I arranged for a highly recommended Equine Dentist to come to the barn.  I have to say I was very impressed him.  He has this calm, quiet way about him.  He was not reactive to any of the normal horse behaviors.  He listened to the problems each horse was experiencing and after examining provided some possible causes of the issues.

Rosie had some sharp hooks where her bit was pressing against and was dropping a good amount of  pellets while eating.  

Bonnie's issue is that when eating her pellets she is lifting her nose up and out until it's past horizontal with the ground.  She's also dropping 80% of her mouth full so we've been soaking her pellets until this appointment.   She had a decent amount of unevenness and hooks.

I really liked that he did all work in their stalls, was firm when needed but always fair, giving them a moment to work it out.  He never once got "big" or loud with them.

Equine Affair is coming up in April and I'm applying to ride in at least one of Mark Rashid's clinics.  You have to be chosen by the clinician so there is no guarantee.  He's hosting four different clinics: Achieving Effortless Transitions: Developing Invisible Aids During Transitions, Low Stress Round Pen Work: Easy Methods for Catching the Uncatchable Horse, Developing & Understanding the Role of Collection in Everyday Training, and Troubleshooting: Pinpointing & Solving Problem Behaviors.

I'm interested in the Transitions and Collections clinics so am applying to both.    

It's suggested that you supply a video with your application so yesterday I called my "pit crew" to help.  "Mother" from the blog "I Am Boyfriend" came to be my videographer.  Jodi, my trainer, came and "coached" .. well ok really kicked my butt for an hour long lesson.  

I'm not real happy about my ride yesterday.  Both Rosie and I are out of shape.  I felt like a fish flopping around in the saddle.  Canter transitions sucked - keeping her in canter sucked.  Riding the canter sucked...  

However in an effort to be honest to my blog here is an unedited video from the lesson yesterday.  

There is one moment when I asked for canter and it felt to me like she was about to buck, so I one reined stopped and circled before she could.  In looking at the video I think she was just off balance on the forehand when I asked for it.  I'm still battling my brain and fear.  I will get through it!


  1. Hey, if your video were perfect Mark probably wouldn't consider you. I hope you get chosen as he's a good person to work with. We audited a clinic he did in Santa Fe and learned a lot. Just don' try to BS him. His BS-meter is pretty accurate. Best wishes.


    PS: It looks like a typical Ohio winter day.

  2. Fingers crossed for you to get a clinic spot! I am thinking of driving over this year. I will come watch you if I can! (not to be a blog creeper or anything ...). I love what a natural rhythm Rose has. And she is a lovely, free mover, not always seen in the drafties. Keep up the good work!

  3. my horse is getting his teeth done this month, but I'm not going to tell him ahead of time!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. Hoping you get a spot. I don't think it is a terrible ride, esp knowing you both are not in peak performance condition. How is your back? Not judging, just wondering if your core is a little less than usual. Rosie looks like a BIG ride

  5. I love Rosie, BTW and love watching you both together

  6. So glad there is music and not audio ;-)

  7. We usually call the dentist in the spring. But I bet your horses feel much better now that they're done.

    Hope you get into the clinic, it should be fun and informative.


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