Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Pages and A Successful Trail Ride

You may, or may not have, noticed that I removed the field study tab, and added Sales Items, and Training Video tabs.

If you were to walk up to my horse trailer two days ago and open the door the very first thing(s) you would see is an Aussie Saddle, a brand spanking new western saddle I just bought within the last year, a Billy Cook western saddle, various saddle pads, a tack box, and some things I've just thrown in there to get out of the way.  I've become a "Tack Horder".   It's time to let go, which really means I want something but have to earn some cash to buy it, so the virtual garage sale begins. 

I will be adding stuff to this as time goes on I'm sure. When sales are "pending" I'll note that and when sales are final I will be deleting the item off the page.  All prices are negotiable unless noted and I prefer PayPal but may consider other payment methods.

Now the Trail Ride!!  Wow what a heck of a lot of fun!  S and I rode two hours of the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail.  Starting in Loveland, Ohio. This is a shared paved trail that used to be an old rail road.  While it's flat and kind of boring that way - there was still a lot of things to challenge our youngsters.

As I said the trail is shared.  It is shared with bicyclests,  joggers, joggers with baby strollers, folks walking their dogs, folks walking their children, dogs walking their folks, roller bladers.  There is a dirt path along side the trail to ride on but no real escape from horse eating dangers.

Both mares were "Up" but neither was crazy or unmanageable.  This was S and Whispers second time on the bike trail so they already had an initial meeting with all the above dangers.  Rosie had never seen a bicycle, let alone a baby stroller or a roller skater.  

S and Whisper

Rosie gave everything she found alarming a good hard look but nothing more and moved on when asked.  We walked and trotted.  Had to trot quite a bit to keep up with Whispers power walk but that was ok by me.  Rosie was doing this cute, comfortable, balanced and light trot that I could ride all day long. 

Rosie and I
 The only real hard spook out of Rosie is when a bicyclist didn't announce he was coming up behind and around us. He even startled me when he appeared out of no where whizzed on past.  Didn't realize drafts could teleport but she did, not far though, only about half a step.  Settled right down and continued on.


  1. Sounds like a great ride! Our trails are very busy and often are quite close to the paved trails. It makes for a challenging ride--but in the end, you have a better horse for it.

  2. What a good girl. That looks like some trail system!

  3. Great job on the trail ride and good idea for the tak sales page as well

  4. We walked that trail many times. It is only five miles from where we used to live. Well done to your horses as I know that can be a busy trail.


  5. Sounds like it was a fabulous ride and that Rosie did wonderfully with all of the scary stuff. Good for her!
    Teleporting.... love it!

  6. can find me on that trail all the time...looking for birds! I've been startled by bicyclists every now and then too. I love it when a horse and rider comes along.

  7. Drafts don't teleport, they telePLOP. ;-)

    I have a date with Billy?

  8. Snazzy new page! Love it! Iwould love to have an Australian saddle -- tried one out one time and could not get it tightened enough. My mare did not like it one bit.
    The trail sounds neat. Our horses both just freak when they see a bicycle, so it would have been plenty challenging for us! Love your pictures.....

  9. Sounds like an enjoyable ride 'cept for the rude biker, they so are dangerous...good girl Rosie!


Happy Trails!