Sunday, April 22, 2012

Impromptu Vacation

Seems like things happen for a reason if you let them.  One of my very best friends found herself in a situation where she paid for a vacation, but her traveling partner couldn't go last minute.  She offered to me and I was able to make it happen.

So I've spent the last  seven days looking at this...

We went to Blue Ridge Mountains, Georgia.  Beautiful, majestic, peaceful.

We went riding... twice. This is where I discovered how much I miss just having fun on a horse... 

As I'm GALLOPING this completely strange horse on a clear stretch of trail, I'm grinning ear to ear and laughing from the shear bliss of it.  I miss this.. I need this...

We also did a whole lot of nothing - a bit of retail therapy, and eating.  Lots of eating! Now to try to back into the groove of reality and find my ambition again.


  1. Oh, that sounds like a wonderful trip! So glad you got to go, and your friend got such good company ;)

  2. Good for you Jeni. We used to live in Augusta, Georgia and would go camping up in those mountains. It was a great time. I love the Bengals t-shirt.


  3. What fun! Lucky you!
    What is it about riding a 'strange' horse... and not worrying about anything, and having a blast?!

  4. Oh how cool is that.....a break away with a girl friend just hanging out. The horse rides just make it all perfect. And yes you are right we do need to just enjoy our horses. Sometimes its easy to get a bit swamped with stuff

  5. Lucky you! Glad to got to experience & re-connect.

  6. A good time. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

  7. Beautiful scenery! Love it down there. The horses look sweet. Glad you got to have fun rides on the trails. Lots of eating sounds ideal too.

    Maybe when you get back home you should just set aside days to have fun with your horses. Don't stress about shows and lessons, do what you want to, this is supposed to be fun.

  8. Love that you 'found' your fun on a horse again. We all seem to need that reminder from time to time.

  9. Hey ya Jen!Trying to do some catching up myself with bloggy-horse-friends!

    Neat vaca you had and welcome to my world...Fun in he saddle!(or without, in my case).
    I agree with Arlene...take a vaca from the riding schedule too...and have some fun.
    It'll be fresher in the arena, with that accomplished!You are so good with the routines and the goals. Those are my rough patches, I could learn from you there!


Happy Trails!