Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The funk that is!

I rode Rosie today!  Not long - nothing structured.  Just got on and rode the horse I had.  Which was FORWARD and full of Draft-A-Tude!

I didn't ask for contact - but she reached for it.  Both at walk and trot.  I've never had her reach for contact at a trot before.  If this is what an extended vacation does for her, I'm loving it.

I did a boat load of figures and transitions to keep her mind on me.  I trotted every straight line and walked with bend at ever corner asking for trot as soon as she stepped out of the corner.  Need to work on "straight"  it's been lost some where.

All in all a great fun ride.  I found a Fun Show to do on Mothers Day- and I'm going to go for it.  It has everything from flat to costume class to jumps.  I may do one from each group.

Walk/trot equitation - Costume Class - and Walk/trot ground poles.

Bonnie still hasn't regained enough weight to make me happy so I ordered a round bale today.  It will be delivered tomorrow.  I'm going to worm them again (it's been 30 days) because I wormed so late last time to rule out parasites.  I know teeth are not an issue.  So round bale and working towards more grass time for her.

Rosie is FAT!  Getting a cresty neck - she's been beating Bonnie off the square bales we're throwing out for them and it's showing.

Then just for fun... This bird is pecking at my office window while I record it!


  1. Sounds like great work with Rosie. The fun show will be, well, fun! Good stuff.

  2. Sounds like a great ride! The show sounds like fub, I wish we had more fun shows around here!
    Cute, cute bird!

  3. that bird has issues! LOL
    Glad you are getting out of your funk! Spring is here GO FOR IT

  4. Glad you're feeling better, and you've got a show to look forward to!


Happy Trails!