Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bad Habits Baby!

Since it was a tad over 90 F today when I rode Rosie I didn't ask her for much of anything beyond light contact and quick transitions.  We had exactly 4 canter departs and only cantered the long side.    The rest was walk and trot work.

I wasn't so kind on myself.  My goal was to ride every single stride correctly.  I've recently developed this horrid thing with leg where I'm scrunching it up and putting my heel on instead of squeezing with my calfs.  I also made a point to keep my shoulders back and my chest open and my leg pushed down long.

I did about 8 minutes worth of no stirrup work at the trot to help correct my leg.  Will do more of that each ride.

Here is a bit of video of trot work.

No Stirrups
We started the very beginnings of leg yields during Friday's lesson.  We still have to get the butt end to move with the front end but she is definitely crossing over in the front.    The key is slowing the front end way down.  She tried really hard.
Leg Yield

Nice Butt!


  1. I have the same problem - heels vs. calf pressure. I'm working on retraining my muscle memory to what I want vs. what I do.


  2. 90 degrees...too hot for me! I give you credit. Love your header!

  3. Yee...90 would have melted us, I think! Bless you and Rosie mare. Such good work!

    I do not know what I did to get it right but, the last two lessons I had with Pantz, my sister NEVER corrected my leg at all. I have been riding bareback saddle for like a year now.
    I think I trained myself to feel the upper calf only, while keeping my heels down stirrup less. The only way I could keep calf on stirrup less- is with my heel down.

    You really look great and her halts square!
    Love that Rosie!

  4. Well we were hotter here today. 99 without the humidex and tomorrow is supposed to be hotter.

    One tip I corrected my students often for. When using your calf it helps if you train yourself to point your toes forward. Toes out rotates your hips and encourages your heel to pop up. It takes some time but eventually it becomes second nature.

  5. Looks like it was a scorcher! looking good, have I mentioned I LOVE that mare?

  6. Nice video; you and Rosie look good. Very nice arena you have to ride in. Love those big shade trees. I bet the shady spots were a welcome relief.

  7. Good work, riding without stirrups is great for so many things.

  8. Such dedication! I enjoy riding without stirrups, it's good for so many things.

  9. considering it was 90 degrees i'd say you did great.....

  10. Great work! Awesome square halt in the video. Looks like all that stirrup less is paying off. I am with you on the heat...can not wait for the temps to lower!


Happy Trails!