Friday, June 22, 2012

Lesson Friday - Brain Dump

I've been experimenting with bits.  Been riding Rosie in a simple D-Ring snaffle since day one.  A couple of weeks ago I bought a single jointed Boucher size 6.5".  While she lightened up in my hands quite a bit she wasn't quiet with her mouth and was bracey (is that a word?).  I was also noticing the beginnings of rubbing on her lip creases so I ordered a 7" french link Boucher for her.  Today was the second ride in it and my lesson day.  I have to say while it is just a tad too big, she is much happier and is coming through and up off my hands nicely and is quiet with her mouth.  I need a 6.75 inch so will start looking for one.

About 10 days ago I started back with lessons in hopes of them being some what regular.  That lesson was fine tuning what I've been doing with my seat and working on canter.

Today's lesson was about fine tuning what Rosie and I've accomplished.  Little things like lengthening my leg and pushing my heel down and putting my calf on to move her forward - not my heel up into her side.  

The other is when bending circles along with inside calf being on turn my shoulders in.

I also need to stop my bad habit of blocking movement with my hands.  Always follow with my hands as I do with my seat.

And still. When I ask for canter do it with clear a mind and clear command.  Ask for transition before she does. Follow the canter with my hands and seat even if I have to get "noodly" (another non-word word) at first.

We (both Rosie and I) are weaker on our right.  Need to focus on more right side work.  


  1. I have been big bit shopping lately - Val wears a 6" :)

    Found a 6 3/4 french link baucher at - it's about halfway down their bit page.

  2. that is a big bit! I forget now and then that she is a draft, she is just so darn gorgeous!

  3. nothing against draft horses I do like them .

  4. I'm going to be bit shopping too so I'll be interested to see how the Baucher works long term. We've been riding a plain O-ring and have also had quite a bit of bracey-ness. And now that two people have said bracey, it is a word, right? :)

  5. Always good to free up the brain by a dump.


  6. I just switched bits on my filly and she is much happier in the new one. Glad she liked the new bit and hopefully you can find the right size....darn that is big!! LOL!

  7. I think about changing bits is a big wide world when you go bit hunting/experimenting. Good for you being brave and going there! Hope it all makes fabulous changes
    By the way the new header photo

  8. Hi Jeni!
    Love your oil header of you and Rosie hand galloping!

    I've a boucher from the early beach riding days. The purchase on the poll helped with control for us. Mine was an apple jointed, with a lozenge.
    Rosie sure is a big-um beauty!

    That was a good "brain dump". So much to think about but soon, for you, it'll be muscle memory without compartmentalizing.

    When I start to arena school again with mine ( hope to this summer, at my sister's new place)There will be alot to correct in me, having been on my own for so long.
    You def have your work cut out for you, being heard without using your body incorrectly.
    I have the opposite challenge- to only think the action and NOT use my body hardly at all- I think Kate (AYWH) learned it to be called, "Professional Neglect".


Happy Trails!