Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eye See You

Took a bit of a writing break this month, actually a bit of a break from a lot of things and just concentrated on future plans - both equine and family life.

I won't bore you with the family life stuff ~ but the equine... EXCITING stuff planned!

September is pretty quiet - Rosie and I are back into training for a show late October.   September 29, I've organized a mini clinic at a local farm that has an equestrian obstacle course.  There have been 8 horse/rider combinations to confirm that they are going.  Should be a blast!

October 6 is a local Ride for a Cure trail ride.  Rosie and I will be going and have a lot of fun.    Then it's train for show at the Kentucky Horse Park October 27 and 28.

Some where in there my daughter will be having her baby!


  1. Lots of good things coming up. They all sound fun!

  2. You do have lots of exciting horse stuff going on!! Sounds like fun, fun, fun!!

  3. Gorgeous photo Jeni! You do have exciting stuff planned, and happening!! Enjoy what is sure to be a special time, a new baby in your family.

    Equestrian obstacle course does sound like a blast, hope someone snaps a few pics to share. Glad to hear things are going so well!

  4. Lots of good things ahead! I love the photo!

  5. Gorgeous photo. You sure seem very busy but it all sounds like fun. Love your header.


Happy Trails!