Sunday, September 2, 2012

How To Make It Rain

You get out the buckets and sponges,

... the shampoo's

and bathe!

... and so far it's rained about 2 inches with another inch or so predicted!


  1. Yep, works every time! Although around here it usually takes a whole lot less to make it rain!!

  2. I'm guessing they would both be pretty clean after all that!!. Like the sound of all your horsey plans for the coming weeks

  3. Can you please bring the horses here? I'll provide all of the 'stuff': buckets, shampoo, sweat scrapers, groomit, anything else you want! I'll even help wash them! We are desperate for rain. Even washing the car and the RV didn't bring anything but a few drops.

  4. wash a car, wash a horse, fastest way to make mud!

  5. You should have bathed them WEEKS ago!!

  6. So your the one who is responsible for all the rain! Never fails, if I want it to rain just have to wash the car, the dogs or the horses.


Happy Trails!